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San Antonio teen's golf ball struck by lightning at Topgolf

Janus says...

Since nobody else has said it: lightning wouldn't stop if it hit something like that in mid air, it would continue on. Either the lightning hit something else in the distance instead of that ball, or this is fake. Either way, I really don't think it hit the ball.

These birds are soo METAL!

Almost car jacked by Cartel in Nuevo Laredo.

Janus says...

Sounds good, but realistically then they likely have your license plate number and a grudge to settle.

Not to mention those other cars they were using to block the lanes, of course.

newtboy said:

Run them over. Now they’re still there for the next guy.

POV getting pounded by waves at Nazare

World's First Lightsaber! - Guinness World Records

What To Do if Your Side Loses the Election

Janus says...

You're probably listening to the wrong news outlets to really get a good picture of that. I'm sure bob could come up with a list for you, for example.

Sure, most of it will almost certainly be horseshit, but there will probably be a nugget or two of truth in there, whether you want to believe them or not.

moonsammy said:

Whereas the Dems have been accused of... something?

What To Do if Your Side Loses the Election

Nerf war is hell!

Theme song of the Chinese drama “Ash of love”

Cat Caught Cheating

Janus says...

Meh, looks simple enough. I'll play the role of buzzkill and Captain Obvious.
The two cats laying together clearly know each other well and trust each other. The third cat they either don't know, or they know that it is not friendly. However, it manages to get quite close in this video without them noticing. The striped cat finally notices it, jumps up and hisses, and runs off. The black cat is confused at first, then looks around and also notices the other cat, and likewise hisses and runs off. Most likely a territorial dispute.

People do like to attribute human behavior and drama to animals.

The Most Popular Programming Languages - 1965/2020

Janus says...

It seems odd to me that PHP isn't further up the list, considering the majority of websites (currently) are using it.

What is QAnon? If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

Janus says...

QAnon started off as a bunch of trolls on 4chan coming up with the most ridiculous and outlandish conspiracy theories they could think of to see how many people would be dumb enough to believe them.

The answer, apparently, is "a lot".

How It's Actually Made - Soft Drinks

Police doing drive-bys on innocent protestors

Police Violate Guidelines To Assault Peaceful Protesters

Janus says...

I don't know that I necessarily agree that all police departments should have the entire force fired and start back from scratch, though at the bare minimum they all need to be fully audited by a non-police (and preferably non-government) group and have any remotely problematic officers fired and added to a list to ensure they legally can't be re-hired as a police officer anywhere else.

However, this video serves as a pretty strong rebuttal; this department looks like it should in fact have the entire force fired and start over from a clean slate.

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