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Motorboat does impression of Killer Whale in the wild

Ready Player One trailer 2

Janus says...

I almost skipped watching this one after having seen the previous trailers/teasers, which had no indication of any real plot. This one actually provides some decent story details which make it look like it might have some potential.

OK, I've gone from "actively disinterested" to "will check reviews when it comes out".

Batman V Superman - Comedy Recap (HISHE Dubs)

Yoann Bourgeois - Trampoline with Metamorphosis II

Crazy Nut Shot

Cheyenne Mountain

Ryan Gosling SNL Papyrus Typeface

Elders React to Lady Beard and Lady Baby's "Nippon Manju"

Janus says...

Unrelated to the contents of this video, but does this Youtube channel have even a single video thumbnail where the people don't have their mouths hanging open in apparent surprise/shock/whatever?

I guess it works to get more views, so I certainly can't blame them, but good grief.

Justice League - Comic-Con Sneak Peek

Deadmau5 Accidentally Recreates Sandstorm

Evolutionary biologists to re-analyze Darwin's work

They said put on your pants, but he had a dream!

No Dumb Ass

Janus says...

The one that initially seems to be the dumb ass turns out to be the smart ass. Nice.

The First Hug

The ultimate video game turned movie...STRAFE!

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