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Unarmed child shot in the back while running from police

Hanover_Phist says...

You can go fuck yourself too. I'm sick and tired of this bullshit on this site. So many assholes.

transmorpher said:

Let him run away to get a bigger gun, to get a hostage, or to harm someone else?

Given that they were in a car with weapons and bullet holes, all of those things were likely to occur. The officer did the right thing to protect the public.

Can you imagine if they didn't shoot, and an innocent bystander got killed? Everyone would be asking why they didn't shoot when they had the chance. It's a tough gig to be a cop.

The kid played with fire and got burnt.

Unarmed child shot in the back while running from police

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Black hostility towards white people

Hanover_Phist says...

Racism describes a system of disadvantage based on race. Black people can't be racist since they don't benefit from that system. Prejudice, sure, but not racist.

People of color are allowed to be angry about racism. We have to accept that anger is a natural response to being systematically oppressed. To expect every minority to react to racial/social inequality without a hint of emotion is some bullshit white privilege.

I'm not defending this woman's words, but rather taking issue with why and how they are being presented. bobknight33, you've had a terrible track record posting your racist bullshit on here, how about stop now.

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