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Divide by Zero on the Friden STW10 Mechanical Calculator

Ginrummy33 says...

My grandfather had one of these, or a very similar model, when I was a kid. Division of big numbers could take several minutes of entertaining clicking and things moving around a lot.

Puppy Plays With Butterfly

Car Glitches Through The Floor


Ginrummy33 says...

I like how they cut edited away hoping we'd not notice when he knocked the box of shells off the top when they got left out once.

Turnip the Tortoise Dances in the Shower

These birds are soo METAL!

Ginrummy33 says...

It's hard to teach birds to play guitar with their elusive hidden arms, but it can be done. These are faked, but you can still believe that somewhere are some REAL metal birds who can do it old style!


Wrong Way to Bust Down a Door

World Record Ski Jump

New Rule: The Tragedy of Trump Voters

The Tiny Doors in the U.S. Capitol

Russian Jaw-Dropping Guitar Skills

Popcorn in 13 versions (chronological evolution)

That is one fat bear

Ginrummy33 says...

They say that climbing a tree won't get you away from a bear, since they can climb too, but I think you'd be safe in a tree from this guy.

This Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube-Man dances quite well

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