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Yanny or Laurel

Ginger Snaps (2000) - Official Trailer

Words That End in "an"

Do You Like Your New Toy?

Full-Scale demonstration of Control Cutting

FlowersInHisHair says...

1. Maybe:

"Operations can again proceed after the chain or wire has been retrieved from the seabed."

Presumably the anchor is impractical to retrieve and just becomes new seabed.

ChaosEngine said:

1: did they just leave the anchor they tested on the seabed? Clean up your fucking shit, dickbags!

You Will Not Believe What Obama Says About Trump

Alex Jones Screams "F-ck Trump"

1954 How to dial your phone by Bell System

Why can’t i stop dreaming about waffles

FlowersInHisHair says...

The next generation is growing up with their lives already documented and shared online, without their consent. They will find our reactions to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and to Snowden, and perhaps even the very notion of personal privacy itself, to be absolutely baffling.

What Would You Do for a Caramel Apple Pie?

How the NRA hijacks gun control debates

FlowersInHisHair says...

It's not a partisan issue, Bob. The "debate" is being stifled by the NRA - a prime example of pure capitalist interest infringing on public policy. The NRA doesn't truly care about gun owners' rights, or the 2nd amendment. It only cares about the money it gets from the gun companies. Conservatives' voices are being taken away from them by this industry lobbying group. You should be angry about that.

bobknight33 said:

If dick head liberals wouldn't try every way to ban guns then the NRA would not have to push gun owner rights so hard.

ACLU and NAACP are push just as hard for their agenda.

Good guys with guns are needed to stop bad guys with guns.

2nd amendment is rightfully needed.

Russian Avalanche Destroys Carpark

How Easy it is to Buy a AR-15 in South Carolina

Surveillance Balls Are Rolling Out

How to Read Barcodes

FlowersInHisHair says...

One of those things I kinda guessed was going on, but never paid attention to. Interesting to find out the actual mechanics of it.

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