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Surveillance Balls Are Rolling Out

How to Read Barcodes

"Karma is a bitch" - The Latest Weird Chinese Meme

Read list of corporate donors, get ejected from the chamber

Best pirate I've ever seen

Natalie's Rap 2.0 (Uncensored Version)

Foreigner Surprising Indians with Hindi (Smiles Galore)

FlowersInHisHair says...

I recently visited Barcelona. My Castellano is decent but I know almost no Catalan, and was getting along fine, but one evening I went to a restaurant that served authentic Catalan cuisine. (The street was plastered in Catalan flags!) I spent a bit of time that day learning a few Catalan phrases ("Good evening", "I have a reservation") etc, and my efforts were definitely appreciated, as we very warmly received by the staff, who were courteous enough to switch to English (with a little good-natured ribbing) when my Catalan well ran dry. Big smiles (and great food) all round. It definitely makes a difference.

Do It The Right Way!

Rat taking a shower

FlowersInHisHair says...

Yeah this isn't normal rodent grooming behaviour. The animal isn't cleaning itself - rather, it has been covered in soap (quite a lot of it) and can't get it off. This looks like cruelty.

Don’t ever preach to me again!

FlowersInHisHair says...

We're not talking about the political parties, we're talking about hypocritical evangelicals

drradon said:

No, it makes them like the Democratic Party who don't have any problem simultaneously touting their position on women's rights and supporting Bill Clinton who was a serial groper and philanderer...

Why is some racism still ok?

FlowersInHisHair says...

So much humour is based on stereotypes, and the stereotypes themselves are funny. Without it we'd just have Jim Gaffigan talking about hot pockets and that would be all comedy ever

Medieval Tune on Hurdy-Gurdy

Royal guard punches annoying guy.

I'm an Albatraoz

FlowersInHisHair says...

I dunno... this is a great example of a novelty record that doesn't outstay its welcome

jmd said:

yea...DJ music videos need a little more work... alot more energy... and need to be a little bit longer then a commercial.

Graffiti Grammar Police -- hope this catches on!

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