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72 Hours Away From A Coup In Which Trump Will Be Decapitated

FlowersInHisHair says...

These assholes talked constantly about removing Obama from office. Their paranoid, homophobic histrionics should be fringe thinking, but people believe them. Perhaps it's that Christianist, rightist compulsion to always portray themselves as the underdog even when "their guy" is in power.

Fox News Host Calls Trump-Kim a Meeting of ‘Two Dictators'

FlowersInHisHair says...

Good grief the commentary is word-salad.

"...He's willing to break what would be the usual bonds of uh not going to a meeting like this..."

Sheep can only take so much cat bullying

Car pulls out of rest area without looking

FlowersInHisHair says...

It's not a freeway (motorway), it's an A road; they're laid out differently. Laybys like that are really common.

AeroMechanical said:

That rest stop is very poorly designed. An on-ramp onto a freeway should be long enough to give merging traffic enough distance to accelerate to the speed of traffic on the freeway.

Chasing Cheese Down A Hill Is Dangerous

Christopher Robin Trailer #2 (2018): Winnie the Pooh

Conductor scares two girls who were walking on the tracks

FlowersInHisHair says...

Yes but you have a reason to be on the tracks if you're an engineer. These people are just using the tracks as a footpath, which is really fucking dumb.

cryptoz said:

I fix locomotives, when idling they don't sound much louder then a semi idling so if the wind is in their face and they are talking I doubt they would hear it... If your talking about walking down the track, ya after some time with Loco I now walk beside the tracks and if it's been longer then 2 minutes since the last time I looked over my shoulder, I get mad at myself for being so stupid. Best stay at least 1 arm length from rail or just avoid altogether

Conductor scares two girls who were walking on the tracks

Yanny or Laurel

Ginger Snaps (2000) - Official Trailer

Words That End in "an"

Do You Like Your New Toy?

Full-Scale demonstration of Control Cutting

FlowersInHisHair says...

1. Maybe:

"Operations can again proceed after the chain or wire has been retrieved from the seabed."

Presumably the anchor is impractical to retrieve and just becomes new seabed.

ChaosEngine said:

1: did they just leave the anchor they tested on the seabed? Clean up your fucking shit, dickbags!

You Will Not Believe What Obama Says About Trump

Alex Jones Screams "F-ck Trump"

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