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Pixels review - he really didn't like this movie..

Djevel says...

I'm not wrong. I don't doubt the movie was horrible, but I stated I felt the same way as he had felt about the movie, about his review. I understand if you didn't agree with my opinion on the matter, but I'm certainly not wrong how 'I' felt. As for my stated guess, is what it is.

Pixels review - he really didn't like this movie..

Djevel says...

Kinda feel the same way ninety seconds into this review as the gentleman stated he felt after ninety minutes into the film in question. I would wager to guess that this is his shtick and his other reviews tend to run in a similar, vitriolic vein.

Grizzly Bear Charge in Jasper Canada

Djevel says...

I like when the audible narration follows along with your internal voice. Though, I'm not quite sure my first instinct would have been to take a header into the underbrush. But who knows!

Climbing A Tree Gets A Bit Dark

What if there was a black hole in your pocket?

BoneRemake (Member Profile)

Djevel says...

No problem! At first glance, I could see it as well. I even reminisced further back to the mid 90's...thinking chromed versions of these

BoneRemake said:

Good eye you got, I must of seen what I wanted to.

- is the amp's I was thinking of, I recall you could take the end caps off and joint amp's together for a cosmetic appeal. Although, I might be wrong on that as well ( without reading about it ) because all the wires and setting controls are on the sides.

Thank's for bringing that up, it must be some sort of grill off of a vehicle or so.

watched it again, it is totally the front end of a vehicle, from the side shot you can see it clear as day, not to mention the head light area. Glad I have that figured out now thanks !


Fury Road Guitar and cars

How Olivia Munn Squeezes Into Her "X-Men" Costume - CONAN

Djevel says...

Olivia: "Guys, for those interested, here's the shit I have to do to get into this damned costume."
Guys: "WOOO!! SEX!!"

I don't envy the gender.

How to make a Hattori Hanzō katana (Kill Bill): Man at Arms

Djevel says...

Looks like hot ass and they were really sloppy with the craftsmanship. However, I really appreciate the effort they went through and the step by step procedural of it all, though. A lot better than their typical stamped steel projects. It was a good watch.

Suicide Squad - Comic-Con First Look

Djevel says...

Looks good. I don't follow some of the internet's insistence that every movie needs to knock you on your ass. I thought MoS was great and with BvS and SS, it looks like a grander story is taking place. Can't wait to see them.

Ted - Restricted Trailer (NSFW)

How It Should Have Ended - "Game of Thrones" Season 1

Santa Totally Loses his Shit


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