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Brett Kavanaugh Is a Terrible Judge & a Liar...

Asmo says...

You wouldn't be a Spartan... While all the men would be doing manly things, you'd be whining about how no one cares about your feelings and how oppressed you were. Fuck, even the women would be more manly than you. And the children. Possibly also the domesticated animals (seriously, Spartan chickens would be badass...)

But I like where you're going with the whole "caring, tolerant leftist advocates mass infanticide" shtick. Really gives you tonnes of moral high ground to ride that high horse around on. X D

newtboy said:

were I Spartan I would toss you all from a cliff before you reach childhood.

He used to be an athlete, but now he's fat

This is why you don't touch electric fences

Conservatives and Liberals Can Laugh | Garfunkel and Oates

Asmo says...

Meanwhile, the centrists get to drink ourselves under the table to avoid watching the left and the right snipe each other to death while they drag us all to hell...


Faceswapping, Unethical Videos, and Future Shock

Asmo says...

With all the trial by social media things these days, the damage is done long before forensics are even required, and retractions get very little traffic. Think about SWAT'ing with zero evidence and a person still ended up dead.

moonsammy said:

Unless of course it was blurrier, like from a security camera. Forensics would likely still be able to determine it's a fake, but it could well be that a damning clip could have a huge impact before that happens. I could absolutely envision scenarios where this sort of tech could easily ruin a person's life.

F*ck you, Lady!

When woman couldn't run in the Boston Marathon...she ran

Waking up the Wife

Seth Meyers Opens 2018 Golden Globes

Asmo says...

/grin Reminds me of an old Doug Anthony All Stars joke...

Oprah Winfrey is the fattest most powerful woman on the planet earth.

It takes the entire Panama canal and three Kansas wheat belts to feed Oprah every day.

Oprah Winfrey, you are the Gross National Product!

newtboy said:

I thought it was more like making Trump the Time magazine person of the year, about quantity, not quality. Love or hate her, you must admit her brand is huge.

Keanu Reeves Tactical 3 gun shooting

Asmo says...

Feminism. Empowering women to be whatever they want then condemning them for not making approved choices.

Seth Meyers Opens 2018 Golden Globes

Asmo says...

Roughly the equivalent of awarding McDonald's 3 Michelin stars.

newtboy said:

To be honest, except for a few of her movie rolls, I've never been a fan, and I totally agree about Dr Oz etc., but between the shows, channel, production company, magazine, and movie rolls her contributions to entertainment are pretty outstanding in their ubiquity if not quality.

"It doesn't matter if it's good, as long as it makes money."

Asmo says...

Depends how you define failure? If it makes a bunch of money but is shit, it's successful to the suits but a failure to the fans.

CoD games are a great example of this.

If it's critically hailed by fans but doesn't squirt out the bucks (Firefly/Serenity, Babylon 5 etc), it doesn't matter how well it's received by the fans because it may not ever continue as a franchise.

More to the point, if you subjectively enjoy a piece of shit, are you wrong? Because TLJ, imo, is a turd. You seemed to enjoy it. Who is right? Both? Neither? Does it matter?

In the end, what we see on screen is a factor of studios looking for stuff that will make a fortune, not what is going to make a great film in terms of artistic merit. If they cared about artistic merit, there are dozens of fantastic stories in the SW extended universe novels that could have been picked as starting points for 7/8/9. The stories of Grand Admiral Thrawn or Rogue Squadron for example.

A shit aggregated score will not prevent Ep 9 from coming out so why does it matter? Hopefully it might spur the writers on to actually putting together a story that isn't the equivalent of the OJ chase in space, but I'm not holding my breath.

How the Alt-Right Trolls

Asmo says...

You are going out of your way to prove my point. =)

newtboy said:

Pardon me, I did not.
I didn't throw out ridiculous claims, then ignore rational replies to move on to more irrational and factually incorrect claims.

1)People who ignore reality are insane.
2)see 1
3)I'm pedantic? Did you learn something then?

I didn't address why people voted for Trump, that's your tangent to run down. I just mentioned that many who had have now seen their errors in trusting him (about whatever they believed) and no longer support him.

I see now why I ignored you before, you really are insufferable and not worth discussion with. Enjoy patting yourself on the back in smug self congratulations for such a witty insult.

BK33 stood me up on the date he arranged after promising me steak and dancing. Fuck him. Turned out he's a Russian troll, not a real person.

How the Alt-Right Trolls

Asmo says...

Alrighty, so when challenged with an obvious flaw in your original post (ie. posting in a video about how the alt right trolls while using the exact same methodology), you change up the terms on engagement rather than answer the original criticism...

1. Short quip about how said boxed people are insane.
2. Go on about why said boxed people are mentally deficient, then crap on about Trump.
3. Get in to a pedantic explanation about the 50% figure and whether or not it was entirely accurate.

None of which addresses my original criticism and further goes to show that you are doing exactly what this video is talking about.

I don't give a fuck about Trump or his supporters, and while I do agree there are likely some racists/crazy people in the mix, I theorise that they mostly voted for him because he was different. Which is neither here nor there, the video is a smug left winger pointing out what a bunch of pointy headed gits alt right trolls are and you prove that the left is equally capable of being smug, pointy headed and trollish gits... = \

I don't disagree with your discontent re: the parlous state of affairs in the US at the moment, and I have a great deal of sympathy for American's who don't want that orangutan representing them. But if you (collective left, not you personally) want to try and occupy a high ground and dismiss the alt right, you need to actually live up to the standards you use to castigate people like Bk33.

newtboy said:

If I'm allowed to put them somewhere, it would be a state run mental institution, not a box.

Whatever reasons they might have had required them to ignore reality, which is he's a well known, even proud liar/con man (read his book) with no consistency about anything, so no matter what he says you don't have a clue what he's doing.
I stand by my statement, but do admit it's not fully 1/2, really it's under 1/3, probably well under 1/3 by now...reality has this way of forcing itself in no matter how deep you bury your head, and many of his supporters have had a change of heart, hence his historically low support.

How the Alt-Right Trolls

Asmo says...

Okay, so you put half the population in a box so you don't have to deal with the concept that there were many other reasons people might have voted for Trump...

You get the irony right? Or is it left? He did say that this strategy wasn't exclusive the province of the right... /giggle

newtboy said:

The thing about this is most adults don't use their lizard brain to think...but the right uses only it's lizard brain these days. What do we do when fully half the population consistently ignores reality? Ignoring the ignorant got us Trump.

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