the Official Videosift Catcount

Because the siftlounge keeps getting back to the cats & kittens subject, i thought it might be fun to know the ratio cats:sifters.

1. How many cats do you have? (if '0' goto question 7/8)
2. What are their names? (and why)
3. Where did you get them? (and how)
4. How old are they?
5. What do they look like (pics!)
6. What are their specialities?
7. why cats or why not cats?
8. and ok, ok.. whats your fav catvid on the sift?

(note: this thread is open to random cat ramblings like 'ahhhh, my cat just did random-extraordinary-cat-thing-X', 'awwww, i lurv kittens so muchhhh xxx lurv lurv heart heart', 'my dog just ate a cat' or maybe even discussion of questions like 'can i be a succesful sifter even if i don't own a couple cats')

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