Elite Max Keto to me that as long as they've been in the game my philosophies being the more I take the you take the product you take it for say you know five days wheat seven days a week I think that that's when you'll find consisting optimal results if you want to if you start taking the product to double those two triple doses a day they take it for the long term eventually you can build up a degree of tolerance to it there is nothing in him that I think that you would really gain that tolerance to have a period of time so I think you'll find the product consistently works very well yeah looking at the ingredients so alpha GPC Terezin Tia cream huperzine then post sateen l-theanine b12 green tea these these are these are the kind of things that you would that you find in nature that these are these are the kind of things that are kind of part of that like ancestral diet so you could anybody could consider their ancestors a thousand a hundred generations back a thousand generations back ten thousand .

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