Where to now, VideoSift?

VideoSift is in a pretty comfortable position at the moment. We've just finished a successful upgrade to a brand-new UI, we have a fantastic development team, our member base is growing by 20-30 people every day and we're averaging around 100K page views per day. Our costs for running the site are being met - (breaking even) and we've even started a fun side project. (hint, buy a shirt)

So, what should we do next? We'll be making some incremental changes to the user interface, but I'm talking more on a community level than pure technology. This is a post to solicit ideas for the future of VideoSift - and you know how we work - if it's a good idea, we'll take it and do it. Here are a few things I've been thinking of to get the pump juiced. (what the hell does that mean?)

  • Advertising / fundraising for a cause- we could use the power of the VideoSift community to bring attention to worthy causes - or issues that are associated with VideoSift interests - through banners or fundraising. We could even pick a cause every month, by poll and then promote it through the site. I'm thinking EFF, Amnesty International or other non-partisan type organizations.

  • VidoSift Sift Off A very long time ago, we had some video contests, wherein people could submit their own works for consideration in a "Sift Off" contest. The winner received a month's worth of free publicity for their work on the front page of the Sift.

  • VideoSift Job Board How about a video related job board for Sifters to post video production type collaborative help needed. Could be for pay or just assistance needed with any type of video production skills, actors, directors- cgi artists, etc.

    Those are just some of the things sloshing around in my head - you may very well have some better ideas, or extensions on mine- if it's good and doable, we'll do it damn it.

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