Well Hihi again, VS

Obviously I have been absent long enough again that Siftbot sends me an email, saying VS misses me. Most people here don't even know who I am, but old-timers do.. I was being a pain in the butt, sorry. I get upset way too easily..

Part of me misses VS too. Sifting was fun, but turned into work.. I don't think I am gonna come back any time soon. I will, however, come and fix deaded videos of mine if I can.. Yes, obsessed still..

I lost both of my older dogs, just 3 monts apart in 2016. I don't think I have recovered from that yet... Thank goodness for my DH NetRunner. He's my rock, still sticking with me, even when I am being a basket case and then some..

We have two dogs now, again. We got one as a puppy, and the other one just fell into our laps, needing to be adopted. Both are just so precious. Yes, still German Shepherds

Link? Not sure if this will work. Nico and Tiny this spring.


Everybody who knew me, please take care. And the rest of you too

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