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It's been a poorly kept secret - but it's finally happened. It's 12:01 AM and I want to be the first to tell you that VideoSift is now VideoGrater. Update your bookmarks!

We know that there have been many suggestions about what to do about personal queues... "streamlining" the Sift, concerns about Siftquisitions and - whatever - but I'm very happy to announce - we've fixed it.

By changing the metaphor of "Sifting" to "grating" we're changing the whole way we think about Videos on the Grater! Have a look at the below:

That's it! that's all you need to understand about VideoGrater. It's going to be a much more fulfilling experience for graterers with a clear idea about how it all works. We got so sick of people saying "what the hell is a Sifter" and "I thought it was an old paint can with a crank".

Some other details to get out of the way. Of course, any reference to "Sift" should be replaced with "grater":

Sift Talk is now Grater Talk
Siftquistions are now Graterquisitions
Siftbot is now Graterbot:

And of course the community members who make this such a fun place are now called "Graterers". (it's a little unwieldy, but it will grow on you)

As an interim measure - until we all get used to the naming conventions - we'll be pre-processing your comments to ensure that the correct terminology is used.

So, grate on graterers! I'm looking forward to a bright, bright future for VideoGrater.

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