The Purpose of the "*discard" Command

I tried to submit a video to this blog, but I think the submission did not take because the vid was already discarded. I have a question though -- the video was discarded for no reason I could determine, it wss neither a dupe nor snuff nor porn. It's possible the discarder (who was NOT the submitter of the vid) found it offensive and discarded on those grounds. However, the discarder is also a notorious downvoter, so the situation has me wondering exactly what the limits of "discard" should be. I'm do not know if the function was used in this case as a sort of super-mega-downvote, or if there was good reason for the discard.

My real question is, though, what are the limitations/parameters on using discard? Can I discard any video I wish? Or should it be limited to those vids that are counter to VS policy? The specific vid in this case was the cheerleader who had the mishap in the parking lot -- no rules broken from what I can tell.

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