Option "Quote Previous" vs blanket "Quote All" we have now

In a recent thread of comments at the following link(( http://videosift.com/video/Christian-Bakery-Denies-Service-to-Gay-Couple )) I enjoyed reading the mudslinging as usual. But, very quickly, everything became dis-interesting.

Not because it wasn't still a witch hunt for homophobes, because there was simply TOO MUCH QUOTING! Stacks upon stacks upon stacks of blocked off text for one person's post were simply making the page more difficult to read.

This problem was only made worse when person A quotes person B who also quoted person C, etc. In those cases, it's almost a repeating of nearly the entire conversation and really isn't needed (often).

Here's my suggestion: when it comes to a thread like that can we create two options for quoting:

Quote Previous - Only the most recent comment is repeated in the new comment.
Quote All - threads of conversation can continue as they have been stacking quotes upon quotes if that's what you wish so that new tangents in the conversation can form.


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