NetRunner gets his crown, forcibly collectivizes peasants


VideoSift just crowned another member, brothers and sisters, and this one is a man of the people. It's none other than Sift newsman and politico NetRunner, Now many of you know that NetRunner started his meteoric rise a little over a year ago, but actually he's been here for almost 3 years. That is, if you can trust his birth certificate. In any event, he's brought us a lot of great political discussions via his video selections, and his News channel has become a valuable addition to this place. He also brought us Mrs. NetRunner, better known as mintbbb, and even though she's taking some time off she's also brought a lot of great videos to this place. They've both had a very positive impact on this place, so I'm really glad that NetRunner decided to become active.

So let's congratulate our Obamunist friend, unless you want him to send you to the gulags Obama is having built at this very moment. He's already mad with power, I tell you.

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