Is Google Video finally *dead?

Hey folks,
Just a warning that Google Video content may finally be down for the count which, if true, will kill many of our older sifts. I noted at least 4 dead embeds this morning - unless there's a Google-Video-wide outage - and given the service is discontinued I don't think Google will be quick to fix it either way.

The last community discussion I recall us having on Google Video was K0MMIE's Sift Talk post when Google announced they were shutting down new uploads, but my fear is that Google may have gone and shut off the tap completely. Their official blog hasn't been updated since the closure in 2009.

In any event, I'm going to hold on more *deads in case this is just a temporary issue, but if permanent, be prepared - Siftbot might start handing out Grim Reaper badges like candy.

Reference of videos currently *deaded:

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