UPDATED! EURO S⇧FTUP 2009 now with confirmed location!

Sept 5. Update:

Confirmed Location: CANTALOUPE in the East End (off Old Street), starting from 8:00 pm

Location on Google Maps

We have five confirmed participants so far: BreaksTheEarth, gwiz665, ornthoron, haldaug and maatc

I have reserved a corner for eight people hoping some more local London sifters will show. The more the merrier!

Here is an accomodation suggestion for out of towners

Original post:
Judging from alien_concepts post about six months ago there seemed to be a few people interested in a Euro-Siftup around late August/early September.
(I counted: gwiz665, Thylan, schmawy, Ornthoron,laura, kronosposeidon, Deano, Farhad2000, evil_disco_man, deputydog, antonye and BreaksTheEarth)

Since things have cooled off over in the original thread (and it looks like a_c can not make it) I am taking over in trying to organise something.

Here is my suggestion:

Any date would work really, but this one gives everyone around six weeks to plan the trip, plus we save a lengthy discussion on what day would be best.

I will fly over from Berlin for the occasion, and I even if only three or four people can make it from the original list, it should be a blast!
(Maybe we can come up with some video project and shoot something while we are all together?)

It would also be great if some London locals could jump in and suggest a cool pub for the gargantuan siftapallooza.

So, who is in?

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