Channel Roll Call

Over the years that Videosift has grown up on the web it's gone from a handful of channels to (correct me if I miss counted) 65 channels. Now if you've frequented this site every waking moment of your life for the past 2+ years you realize that some sifters who were once rabid participants are now long gone.

I think it's time to call out the channel owners to see who is here and who has retired the uniform. Below is a list of current channels (in no order whatsoever), channel owners please weigh in so we know who's here.

*1sttube: Grimm, active
*cooking: djsunkid, active
*happy: Issykitty, active
-music: Open
-sports: michie, MIA
*80s: dag, active
*cult: therealblankman, active
-hiphop: benjee, MIA
-mystery: grspec, MIA
*stand up: winkler1, active
-actionpack: wildmanbill, MIA
-cute: Open
-history: rickegee, MIA
*nature: Arvana, active
*terrible: sometimes, active
*animation: thesnipe, active
*dark: dystopianfututretoday, active
-horror show: pyrex, MIA
*obscure: Farhad2000, active
*travel: silvercord, active
*art: plastiquemonkey, active
*documentaries: Fedquip, active
-howto: maudlin, MIA
*parody: dotdude, active
*videogames: Oatmeal, active
*asia: Lucky760, active
*downunder: maatc, active
-humanitarian: bl968, MIA
-philosophy: bluecliff, MIA
*vintage: swampgirl, active
*books: kronosposeidon, active
-eia: karaidl, MIA
-islam: Gwann, MIA
-politics: Open
-viral: Open
*bravo: Deano, active
*election 08: joedirt, active
*jazz: choggie, active
-religion: LadyBug, MIA
-war on terror: raven, MIA
*british: Zifnab, active
*engineering: oxdottir, active
*kids: James Roe, active
-rocknroll: MLX, ?
-wild west show: Open
*canada: Calvados, active
*fear: blankfist, active
*latenight: eric3579, active
*science: rembar, active
*woo hoo: Krupo, active
*catsanddogs: youdiejoe, active
-femme: intangiblemeg, MIA
*lies: Fjnbk, active
*sci-fi: Firefly, active
*world affairs: histnerd, active
-cinema: pigeon, ?
-gay: Open
*livemusic: deathcow, active
*sexuality: persephone, active
-wtf: Spiff, ?
-comedy: Open
*geek: gorgonheap, active
*meme: MarineGunrock, active
*shortfilms: Sarzy, active
-commercial: Looris, MIA
*grindhouse: dw117, active
-military: darksun, MIA
*spacey: lunkwill, active

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