Oritteropo is GOLD!!!!!! ANT has the biggest pqueue!!!!

Hey Sifters...

@oritteropo and I and others were chatting in the lounge today, and we are doing a push for him to get to GOLD before he attends the Downunder Sift Up. EDIT: @oritteropo is GOOOOLD as of now!!!!

Anyhow, in the process of chatting, we were talking about the sizes of some Sifters' pqueues... and that led me to remember that @ant had a rather large one that I recalled, being several hundred or so. Well, we went and took a look at his page to verify this, and HOLEY MOLEY WTF JEEBUSES...


... he has over 2500 vids in the pqueueueueueueueue. I just thought this deserved something, so Congrats @ant on the largest pqueue in Siftlandia!!!

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