Weekly Achievements for 12Jul20 thru 18Jul20

#1 Video

Solving the Mask Shortage in Huntington Beach by Mordhaus

nasty evil cat -- mewo by ant

Irish Taxi Man's view of same sex marriage by C-note

Caterpillar loader in Kuwait is boiling hot by Mordhaus

Alligator Charging Kayak by Mordhaus

I'm a stick! I'm not a bird! by Mordhaus

Young Pit Bull Has One Speed by Mordhaus

Law and Order by Mystic95Z

The best pirate I've ever seen by Mordhaus

Maned wolf in Brazil by Mordhaus

Top 15 Videos

Time Lapse of Comet Neowise - July 11, 2020 by Buttle reached #2
MSL Curiosity Mars Rover Landing @ 32fps by pigeon reached #2
Lucky Catch for 57 Dollars! by BSR reached #2
Creeping Cat by Mordhaus reached #2
VoteVets - Traitor by newtboy reached #2
Fauci by Mystic95Z reached #2
RIP Grant Imahara From MythBusters | The Untold Truth by eric3579 reached #3
Ben's Burgers - Back Open by newtboy reached #3
Far Cry 6: World Premiere Trailer by Mordhaus reached #3
A microburst near Henderson, NV by eric3579 reached #3
Counting to 100 in French with a NYC Cabbie by w1ndex reached #3
Fox Family Plays in the Garden by Mordhaus reached #4
Doctor wears six face masks to debunk lack of oxygen myth by Mordhaus reached #4
Find Something New by Mystic95Z reached #4
Banksys Pandemic Inspired Graffiti | London Underground by eric3579 reached #4
An American Pickle | Official Trailer by Mordhaus reached #4
Can Lego BREAK a Steel Axle? by pigeon reached #4
I Strapped a GoPro on Tank the Turtle! by C-note reached #5
Trump & Allies Want You to "Adapt" to the Coronavirus Crisis by simonm reached #6
Joe Biden Burns Out In His Corvette Stingray by newtboy reached #6
Trump Is the Last One We Can Trust to Safely Reopen Schools by simonm reached #6
Your Dog thinking You're the "Alpha" is NOT a Real Thing by eric3579 reached #6
Fighter pilot explains the buttons in an F15 cockpit by SFOGuy reached #6
Real life Bambi by Mordhaus reached #7
FIRE truck by ant reached #7
Karma on the water by Mordhaus reached #8
Bear in a Hot Tub by Mordhaus reached #9
No Country for Sound Guy | Kevin James by BSR reached #9

Top Comments

It's like Cyriak designed a Fox. by newtboy (5 votes)
Your hateful opinion is legal but still wrong. by newtboy (5 votes)
Sorry @Buttle it seems you fell for some far right bullshit. ... by newtboy (5 votes)
It was fine til they put hands on him. As Newt said,... by Mordhaus (4 votes)
Turtle with a strap-on. He he... by BSR (4 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Alligator Charging Kayak by Mordhaus (25 votes)
nasty evil cat -- mewo by ant (24 votes)
I'm a stick! I'm not a bird! by Mordhaus (22 votes)
Law and Order by Mystic95Z (22 votes)
Irish Taxi Man's view of same sex marriage by C-note (21 votes)

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