The World At War (Blog Post)

The World At War


I had intended to sift this, but YouTube has made it so that playlists containing more than 50 parts can't be embedded. (well, you can waste your time making the playlists, and they can be embedded, but only the first 50 parts will play). I don't want to sift it incomplete. The entire documentary deserves a place here.

Here is the embed for the first 50 parts:


Here's the  link to the rest of the playlist (all 137 parts):

This is all 26 Episodes. Over 22 hours.



Need Video Editing Software (Blog Post)



I need some basic video editing software that can handle divx/xvid under win xp. Just basic cutting clips, nothing fancy. No effects needed etc. I'd just go with windows movie maker for what I want to do but it doesn't like the codecs. I had vegas pro but found it to be a pain in the ass. By pain in the ass I mean it was amazing but way too complicated. Can anyone suggest a simple video editor that can crop xvid avi's without me having to convert them? Or without me having to get a college degree? Or a GED? I'd settle for some KFC. Or maybe LSD. Wait .. what were we talking about? Goddamit my videos are dead!

Virus / Malware creators need to die (Blog Post)


I had my XP pro install for 4 and a half years. Rock solid. No problem. Firewalled. Always kept my antivirus up to date. Stealthed ports etc. Unfortunately I was pretty lax on backing things up.

Everything was wiped out by just clicking one link from google to another website. An invisible iframe opened and about 70 smtp ports opened up sending out who knows what to some russian sites before I could yank the power cord out of my modem (and just as one of my svchost.exe crashed). Changed admin privs, services, added software, changed drivers, changed registry keys and the master boot record, eliminated windows updates etc. all within a few seconds.

After trying to recover for a week I finally had to do a format/reinstall. I'm usually very careful but damn, this thing kicked my ass. Be careful out there. I lost years worth of conversations that I had with friends and other things that are impossible to replace. If you don't backup regularly, start now.

Turning the page ... (Blog Post)


No fighting. Just sifting. I don't debate well. It's pretty obvious I take things way too seriously. It's tough for me to stop because I'm a hard headed and opinionated asshole. But I love the Sift. By which I mean I love all of you. Even the people I argue with often. There really is no other place like it. It's home for me and I still want to share videos and leave stupid comments. So, I will make every effort to chill the hell out and calm the fuck down and also not to curse so much. Meds are probably in order but I'd rather not be "normal" from what I've seen of it. Anyway, apologies all around if anyone gives a shit.

Disclaimer: I will probably blow all this a week from now regardless.

I suck.

Thanks for everything! (Blog Post)


My charter is due to run out soon, and I'm really not the blogging type, but before it ends I'd like to stick this on here.

VideoSift is an amazing site. There are so many passionate, intelligent and interesting people. I've been coming here since 2006 and I'm grateful for all the insight and laughter this community has given me.

Are the videos here great? Sometimes. If there is any great video on Earth it will surely be sifted here. But there's plenty of places to find videos. The truth is, what keeps me coming back is the VideoSift community and that is so much more than videos, or votes .. or star points .. or rank. We may fight amongst ourselves sometimes, as families will, but in the end I think most of it comes from a place that is deeply caring and protective of this site, whichever side of whatever argument you fall on.

Thank you, mystery person who gifted me charter!! I'm going to miss my turd colored name (and my expanded queue!) but I can't afford to continue it. The sift is worth it, to be sure, it's just a math/cash problem on my end.

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