Our kitty is missing.

My son's cat from kittenhood has been missing for about three days. He's about 9 months old, still in posession of his balls, so I wonder if he's wandering looking for a girlfriend. Come back home, Tt, at least for a pit stop.

When Tt was about a month old, he was sleeping in the open reclining sofa and inevitably it was closed on him. It was a rough night of labored kitty breathing and tears. He recovered slowly and spent a lot of time asleep on my fuzzy grey robe.

A couple months after that, he got sick, very sick. Likely caught it from the elderly local stray who later died of whatever it was. Wouldn't move from the grey robe, would only eat what was hand fed to him, water that was brought to him. He malingered like that for two weeks then he got better.

A month after that, he came limping inside, nothing broken that I could discern, but very tender in his right foreleg and only got better about a few weeks ago.  

I've had this niggling feeling in the back of my head since I got him that he was living on borrowed time. He was a gift for me after my cat Gojira went away. I'm half apathetic about it. I didn't let myself get wholly attached to Tt. I always think of him as my son's cat. My son named him and they play together inside and out all day. Well, until recently. Come back, Tt. Brennan has been looking for you around the house.


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