More Hilarious Skits from MTV Arabia

In my previous Blog about MTV Arabia I mentioned how they really nail the clash of cultures that the youth of the middle east is going thorugh via their short MTV Skits. These are two more that recently started airing.

The first one is called Saudi Mortal Kombat/Street fighter. All the behaviours and words spoken by each fighter is such typical arabic fighting shit, like using your shoe or the getra as a weapon. But most of all the last segment, when the guy calls his friends - "Shaba! Ta'al!" I laughed so hard at that I feel off my couch because this is exactly what people do when I had fights back in High school.

The second one is called "Pimp my Thobe", is more comedic dance off battle, between an Arabi dude and someone who is all hip hop, both winning and losing in their successive styles of dancing, eventually the Arab dude starts to appreciate the music and seemingly converts to hip hop. The funniest for me is when the arabi dude starts dancing and pwns the dude with his Arab style, notice how he tries to keep his outfit tidy, a very common cultural thing where the men take extreme care in their clothes. At 1:58, you can see a maid complaining about all the clothes she has to clean up speaking of the huge amount of maids in the GCC.

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