I hate the fashion major living next to me

I lived in the same place for almost a year now. I have never had a noise complaint. Am a saint of a tenant. My bills are paid. My room is tidy. My carpet is free of hooker's blood since I always use plastic sheets. 

 But I got a new neighbour, and shes one of those sensitive types. I play Bob Marley a lil' too loud and I got police knocking on my door, I talk to them and they are cool. I then get back and stare at her window where the blinds are always firmly shut. Knock later and its the local council telling me that they will install acoustic monitors and decibel meters to see if am inflicting on this persons well being. I am like are you fucking serious.

 Today I almost got told I can't extend my contract. But work it out because I never had complaints before and they are aware of the sensitive person's insanity.

Am annoyed that the authorities are involved, the police, council and my housing agent. Something that could have been fixed if she came to me and said hey can we work something out it's a bit too loud. Oh no let's be a modern day socialist cunt and snitch to the police. This woman complain so much that they will be imposing police patrols in my area now. 

 I hate unnecessary bureaucracy and it just reeks of it. How many people came from the council to hand me a letter? 3.

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