Things you don't want to see when coming into work in the morning. #1


So I'm coming into work this morning (I work at a hospital/university) and some security guard tells me "You can't go this way; you'll have to go around the parking lot to get in the front doors." so I'm like "OOOOOK" and I walk around.  Meanwhile I'm looking at the "area I'm not allowed to walk in" and I see a bunch of guys in Biosafety Level 4 "space suits" ushering patients in and out of a newly [and quickly] assembled tent-tunnel (see E.T.) to the emergency room entrance.  I've emailed our boss's boss to see if he knows anything, I'll update if I find anything.  In the meanwhile, I hope today is not the day that I spill acid on myself or something in the lab.


Update:  It's a drill.  fweeew.  ...State-wide drill to test emergency outbreak preparedness.  Various patients are "decontaminated" and quarantine excersises are in effect for the day to test just how prepared the hopitals are for outbreaks.

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