Calling out for a very little support

Dear sifters and readers,

This is a little odd, but I feel led to ask you all for a moment of time to consider your free resources and what they might acomplish despite your normal usage.

Several years ago, my parents and those with their similar passion founded an organization whose goal is to help deliquent minors to eventually help them and to educate and develope these children to be productive and loving members of society.  Since then, this organization has treated children who need personal counseling and care beyond that which is required by government law.

In recent years, the governement stance on these children is to institutionalize them in MASS programs that are cheap.  Infortunately for the kids, these treatments are not effective personally and amount to a sort of temporary prison that will not help them in any way in the long run.


I'm asking a simple thing.

Use "" instead of

Use "" instead of newegg directly, or amazon, or whatever.

Enter "Hermitage House Youth Services" as your "who do you goodsearch for" and you will be giving to a worthy and sift-user-related charity that can directy contribute to the wellfare of minor offenders who need help.


If you don't find what you want on goodsearch, you always have the option of using google, but even if you do, you'll have helped us anyway.

Can you spare 10 seconds for a lost child?!

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