Will "Expelled" be removed from the Meme-pool?

Oh man, things are getting funnier by the moment, the soon-to-be-released creationist movie "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" is getting some major bad press,

First they lie to get actual scientists to show up in the movie. PZ Myers, Dawkins and Eugenie Scott were told they were making a movie called "Crossroads" that would examine the Evolution/Creationism debate , instead it turns out to be called "Expelled" which clearly indicates a non-neutral stance. "Working title" says Mark Mathis and says thats normal procedure for movies, fair enough, but as it turns out the interviews were conducted around April/May of 07, and the domain "www.expelledthemovie.com" was registered in February of 07. Domain names like "www.crossroadsthemovie.com were never bought

Then after they've tried for months to exclude anyone who isnt a die-hard creationists from the early screenings, the few normal people who did get in, writes some horrible things about it, and the surrounding secrecy and exclusion-tactics.

Then they decide to really go overboard in self-foot-shooting, and in what can only be described as one of the worst public relations disasters since the allied forces uncovered the nazi death camps,they Expell a famous biologist (who is interviewed in the movie and thanked in the credits) from another screening.  PZ Myers then goes to the nearest Apple retailer and blogs about it for the whole world to see, simultanously, Richard Dawkins stands up in the Q&A after said screening and asks the producer of the movie why his friend was expelled, only to be told that it was because he wasnt invited, when, infact no one in the audience was.. all you had to to was to register online and get an email confirmation..

 But was it over? No. there's also this whole thing about a little animation included in the movie, you see, William Dembski had been using Harvards original material in creationist lectures, and ended up having to apologise for it, it seems this material might also have been used in Expelled, but after Dembski had been caught using it, it seems they replaced it with a mock-up, a plagiarized version of the same animation:

Expelled version: 


Harvard version:


Now, it seems, things are really falling apart from these people, one pre-screening has been cancelled "due to technical issues" and have dissappeared from the list of upcoming events , The movie site itself http://www.expelledthemovie.com is at the time of me writing this, inaccessible, but that might be due to increased traffic, who knows..

People are now speculating that the whole thing is gonna be cancelled. Lets not hope so, its just too damn funny watching these people fuck up again and again.

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