Turkey bans Richard Dawkins website

In a brilliant show-off of what religion does whenever it can wield its ugly face and aquire enough power, some imbicile fucktards in turkey has decided that its best to prevent people from reading certain things.

 Turkey has banned  www.richarddawkins.net , on the basis of Dawkins' not-so-flattering comments about som creationist idiot's biology book:


To those of you who are in turkey, here is the general outline of the story




Once again, be warned, this is what the true hipocritical and totalitarian face of religion ultimately looks like, a monopoly on ideas, an infringement on your most personal thing of all, your own thoughts. It is why I call my blog "The Memory Hole" after Orwells brilliant book, 1984, which is to me a perfect description of religion and its totalitarian core of submitting your own will to a fictional authority.

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