PZ Myers, the prominent blogger, biologist and evil evilutionist, was ironically enough expelled from  a screening of Expelled, the creationist propaganda movie that complains about creationists being explelled from universities because of their superstitios fantasies about biology.

But you wont BELIEVE the punchline:


You see … well, have you ever heard of a sabot? It's a kind of sleeve or lightweight carrier used to surround a piece of munition fired from a gun. It isn't the actually load intended to strike the target, but may even be discarded as it leaves the barrel.

I'm a kind of sabot right now.

They singled me out and evicted me, but they didn't notice my guest. They let him go in escorted by my wife and daughter. I guess they didn't recognize him. My guest was …

Richard Dawkins.

He's in the theater right now, watching their movie.



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