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lucky760 (Member Profile)

gwiz665 says...

There used to be, but for security purposes the savegame is moved to a safe location. You may be able to transfer it by doing a complete backup and restore, but don't hold me up on that - it works on iOS, but not sure on Android tbh.

If you're logged on to facebook on them, your score does transfer, but not the rest.

lucky760 said:

Hey gwiz. Is there any way to transfer your Subway Surfers progress from one Android tablet to another? All signs point to no (aside from options requiring rooting), so I thought I'd give you a try as my sons' last hope to carry their stuff over to the new tablets they got for xmas.

RIP Carrie Fisher- 1956-2016

gwiz665 says...

2016 was hard on celebrities and icons. I suppose it comes naturally with the 80s elevating people to super-stardom, and time catching up with them now. The next couple of years will likely not be any easier on that particular group of people.

Alien: Covenant - Official Red Band Trailer

gwiz665 says...

Prometheus was almost great, but there were too many "that's fucking stupid" elements. The entire crew was shit, not a single one was likable. At least with the space truckers in Alien, they were all sorts of assholes, but they were likable assholes. In Prom, they were just unpleasant people, doing unpleasant things, while generally being bad people - I hate them all still.

One thing Prometheus had going for it was visuals - Ridley Scott knows how to film a good looking film, I don't really think anyone can argue that. I really hope the story won't get fucked over this time, and I hope it won't just be a retread either. The reason Aliens was so great, is that it did something new with the franchise; prometheus tried and failed to do that well.

Alien 3 was not actually so shit, I think. It made some damn near unforgivable choices in killing off Newt and Hicks off screen, but aside from that I actually liked it. Close to a retread of Alien, but still a twist on it.

A4 was just shit with some good bits in - the many twisted clones of ripley, the Auton, and the aliens in water was all fun things. The rest is garbage.

I'm cautiously optimistic about Covenant, more classic horror, I wager, but with Scott's signature visuals.. we'll see!

newtboy said:

Really, you would rather shame them for Prometheus instead of Alien 3 or 4?!? Prometheus had it's problems, but 1/2 alien mama Ripley clone and a level 5 biohazard containment ship that returns home automatically if things go wrong, I mean, come on. Prioritize.

Tesla Predicts a 2 Car Crash Ahead of Driver

gwiz665 says...

Driving your own car will soon be seen as archaic and frowned upon. Soon after it will be reserved to certain service vehicles as manually driving a regular fast moving heavy object is seen as dangerous (which it is). Tesla is the first wave towards real automation out in daily life, and thank the maker it's coming.

kronosposeidon (Member Profile)

Mini Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Plant

Eric3579 Hits Galaxy! (Sift Talk Post)

10 years, but I made it to Bronze! (Woohoo Talk Post)

Animation Gone Wrong

lucky760 (Member Profile)

gwiz665 says...

I don't think I ever responded to this one. I basically did all the UI and worked on meta game.

lucky760 said:

Haha. I just discovered you worked on Subway Surfers. That's so awesome! My kids love that game; they're little pros at it.

What part(s) of the game did you work on?

The Danish School Where Children Play With Knives

gwiz665 says...

This is all because you don't trust people, because of the society you're in.

SDGundamX said:

Yeeeeaaaah... this looks like more of a glorified daycamp than a kindergarten to me. My daughter is in a "traditional" bilingual kindergarten now and she's already learned her colors, shapes, letters, and numbers in both languages. They've just started learning to spell and do basic addition and subtraction. She also learned how to use the school computers to surf the Net--approved sites only of course, so don't expect her to be Sifting anything anytime soon! Oh, and she LOVES school. The "pedagogue" who says kids that young aren't ready to learn is full of shit. My daughter comes home from school wanting to practice counting and spelling every day.

I think I prefer that kind of education for her future than how to climb tall trees (though I guess that kind of skill might come in handy if we have a Walking Dead-style zombie apocalypse).

And no one formally checks on these kindergartens to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing? Fuck that. Sounds like pedophile paradise to me.

The Simpsons April Fools

Barney Gumble's Movie

VideoSift is 10 (Fire Talk Post)

they make two nests (Mystery Talk Post)

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