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Matt Dillahunty - We Are Atheism Interview

Rufus says...

Ok, Matt ... you determined that scripture and theology did not sufficiently answer the questions you were asking. Is there another set of beliefs which does? What is the source of any knowledge that you have? Have you yourself tracked a quantum particle/wave. Or have you even watched a paramecium under a microscope and wondered why it "swims".

If you can't devise a belief structure which accounts for the observed behavior of the universe, then you are ultimately bound by descriptions given by others. And if you cannot refute their given explanation based on observable phenomena, you have only wishful thinking to support your beliefs.

A Sense of Freedom - Jimmy Boyle

Barney Google's Great Great Grandson?

Bitter Pill - Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us Part 1

Rufus says...

You have no idea how scary freedom is boy. Who's going to stop me from slicing you up and using you as fertilizer? I'll take your head and feet as trophies and use the rest of you as sausage for my dogs.

Oh... I see, you'll ask a government to do that for ya, will ya? Good luck with that. You might not get caught in my traps, so long as that government is interested in you, which it's not. Com'on down my way son... we'll show ya what gummin't is all about.

renatojj said:

Freedom is so scary...

Time-lapse Around the World

Scary smiling dog is cute and scary at same time

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