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Hi guys! What'd I miss? (Scifi Talk Post)

Rufus says...

Wow... that's weird. You were the first person to welcome me here over 10 years ago (under a different name) and both having been gone for years, we both popped back in within a couple of weeks of each other.

Keep 'em lit

KnivesOut (Member Profile)

Rufus says...

Wow man ... you douchebaggery knows no bounds does it? Someone clearly having a bad day/time and instead of being helpful or compassionate, your answer is to kick them in the ass while they're turned around. Nice.

No wonder this place got so fucked.

lucky760 said:

If you don't care that much, then just leave. No need to damage the site on your way out.

Here, I'll help make it easier for you...

Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive

enoch (Member Profile)

Deano (Member Profile)

Ella Fitzgerald - Summertime (Berlin, 1968)

The Dude

5 Weird Ways Germany Has Censored Video Games

Rufus says...

sex and violence just wants to be free.

MilkmanDan said:

Very interesting, but I have some questions about the efficacy of those rules/laws with regards to actually keeping the uncensored versions out of German hands.

Here in Thailand, since 2008 all GTA games are specifically banned (after a nutter who killed a taxi driver said he was influenced by GTA), along with any games with "excessive violence" or sexual content. In spite of that, the majority of male students in the High School where I teach have played GTA5 or other GTA games. There are no legit physical copies for sale in stores (I assume they are also removed from Steam for Thai users but I dunno), but like with all media here piracy is rampant and kids either torrent/download pirated copies of the games for themselves or buy a pirated copy of the game on DVD from vendors that can be found in markets in every city or village.

The rampant piracy also circumvents Thai censorship laws that require movies to blur out people smoking, drinking alcohol, or nudity / sexual content. Legit copies (which are rare) adhere to the rules, but most people end up with pirated copies that are more often than not sourced from uncensored versions and therefore don't follow the local rules.

Pretty weird situation. Makes me wonder if now in the internet age many German consumers might have no moral qualms with buying legit German-censored versions of things and then downloading pirated / cracked versions from the internet that circumvent the censorship.

I Love The Nightlife - Alicia Bridges

Zen and the Limits of Explanation

This Sums Up Motherhood In 34 Seconds

Rufus says...

tldr: The decisions made in creating and rearing offspring are subject to a different set of moral criteria than all others because those decisions affect everyone.

Here's the problem with that thought. You didn't just make a decision that affected your life. Or even one that affected the lives of yourself and others you know. You intentionally created another sentient being. Because of human nature, that sentient being is now not just your responsibility, but everyone else's as well. Your decision quite literally affected the entire species. Or should I say infected.

There is no other decision anyone can make that has such an extent of repercussions (with the possible exception of murder). Whether you further choose to be responsible for your offspring is, from a decision making point of view, completely separate from the decision to create that offspring. And likewise, the decisions you make regarding the care of that offspring are entirely separate from the decision to create it. Those decisions are, whether you like it or not, subject to critique. You may not like it, and you may in fact see the entire process (conception, birth, weaning, rearing, etc...) as a single act. Either way, the entirety of the species is now constrained by your initial act of creation. The question is not whether you are a “good parent”. The question is how much of a burden upon or boon to the species will you be.

Just to make this contrast clear…. if I, as thinking adult, decide to consume alcohol in such excess that it causes my liver to fail, I can ask the species to help me to the point of giving me a new liver - which may or may not be granted based on my own words and actions. If you ask a similar favor on behalf your offspring, however, it’s an entirely different moral calculus.

robbersdog49 said:

Pretty much any path a person takes in life can be framed as a result of a decision somewhere along the line. It's like saying that no one can complain about anything, anytime.

robbersdog49 (Member Profile)

robbersdog49 (Member Profile)

Do you consider the film Die Hard a Christmas movie? (User Poll by eric3579)

Rufus says...

If "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie, then so is "1984" and "Tootsie". If you get to the point of referencing a movie by holiday season just because that's when you first saw it, well, get ready to call "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" a Summer Action Flick.

James Corden Remembers George Michael

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