Time to start thinking about a song and icon/badge-thingy..

for our awesome @PlayhousePals! She is very close to reaching Galaxy. Please everybody, check out her pqueue (http://videosift.com/member/PlayhousePals/pqueued)

[or arrenged by votes (thanks @oritteropo for the format.. got it formatted right for her pquque after a little mishap! ) )) (EDIT: now it is correct! http://videosift.com/search?q=&t=v&u=playhousepals&s[]=r&o=hivotes&vmin=&vmax=&sh=&l=&n=&b=&submit=Search)

to give some extra boost!

I apologize for a messy post - it has been a while since I have done any html.. or VS posting

Petition / Poll / Feature Request / Plea for mercy

Please reduce the number of stars it takes before I can promote someone else's sift.

It feels backwards to me in a way, that I can selfishly promote my own crap from day one, yet I can't promote anyone else's.

A lot of people have shown me kindness and I feel like a dick that I can't promote any of their stuff, and there have been a lot of very awesome sifts I wish I could give some love to!

I get that you don't want the front page congested with promoted posts (although I personally think that's ok), but maybe make it 25 stars or something?

Compilation Videos.

Hi Everyone.

Okay, it can't just be me who thinks this.
Compilation Videos are a Scourge.

1). They don't contribute anything.
2). They are mostly made up of Duplicated videos - Something we work so hard to eliminate.
3). They can't searched - if you see a clip in a Comp. you'll never be able to find it again to see it - thus each clip is lost/buried/invisible.
4). Makes Duping Complicated - If I post a clip that's been included in a Comp., does it become a Dupe????? Just by nature, since most of their content is already posted, they in themselfs, are mostly made up of Dupes.
5). Keywords - There is no possible way to adequately Keyword a Compilation.
6). Thumbnails. They can't possibly have a thumbnail that describes the content, and often have misleading thumbnails, like girls in bikinis.

Compilations on YouTube are a lazy man's playlist. They hold no real merit on their own other than to garnish YouTube Ad hits by stealing content from other people.

I think they do a disservice to VideoSift as they do the opposite of what this site attempts to do. We are supposed to be sifting through all the crap and presenting and voting on each individual video to make it easier for people to find. Compilations, just screw it all up.

My opinion is we shouldn't be posting them.

@dag @lucky760
Everyone else?

What are the approved video hosts?

I'm trying to submit a video from this new site called "facebook". But apparently it's an unknown host and I'm not cool enough to do that. What are the actual ok known trusted sources that plebes can sift from? There used to be a list on the general sift talk page but I can't find it anywhere now. Thanks.

P.S. It's a public video.

No video in my submitted video. :( (Wtf Talk)

I tried to submit a new ant video into http://videosift.com/video/Tiny-Camera-Explores-Ant-Colonies , but its embedded Flash video doesn't show up. VS keeps changing the original embed code from

<iframe src="http://www.dispatch.com/content/mediaplayer/embed.html?ooid=k1bXA0Yzp1OzgeeUDi8llSd6VAnWbRsu&cmpid=share" width="620" height="390" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen scrolling="no"></iframe>


<iframe src="http://www.dispatch.com/content/mediaplayer/embed.html?ooid=k1bXA0Yzp1OzgeeUDi8llSd6VAnWbRsu&cmpid=share" width="485" height="305" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" scrolling="no"></iframe>

How do I prevent this ="true" removal, so VS can show the video?

Thank you in advance.

EVERYTHING is Faster, Yes?

  (13 votes)
  (2 votes)

A total of 15 votes have been cast on this poll.

Since we moved servers it's been apparent that things have felt slow sometimes (or most times), such as voting on a video, posting a comment, or saving a video to a playlist.

After a bit of research and debugging I finally found what I am almost certain was the source of the problem and fixed it. Since then everything is extremely snappy for me like it's really never been before.

Do you concur? Don't just vote no because you like pointing out how slow VideoSift has always been. Really give everything the old once over objectively.

What say you?

Advertising sucks.

Yes, I am aware that I have a path to not having advertising. I'm sorry but I can't afford too many nice things right now however.

There are two ads that are really choking my chicken.

1) OB Tampons - Opens to large size immediately, blocking half the screen, reduces to normal size only when closed. Mouseover pops it up again. Getting tired of the woman asking "It's so small, won't it fall out?" Flappy-twatted idiot.

2) Target - right width, but overlaps entire Top 15 list. No way to get around it. No close X.

I know you gotta pay for the Awesomest Site Ever, but I needed to vent.

Thank you.

Scotland's independence -- yea or nay?

  (9 votes)
  (1 vote)
  (2 votes)

A total of 12 votes have been cast on this poll.

personally, I think a yes vote is a no brainer for the Scots. what say you?

if you need a reason to love the Scots ...

Can we get a Watch on Mute channel? :D

I say yes please. If the music in the video is unnecessary in the sense that it contributes nothing to the understanding or the purpose of the video....not sure how to word that easier. I'm just tired of either pumping up music, droning piano apology music, or 'hey let me show off my tastes by force' music. When the video would probably be boring on it's own merit. I've noticed a trend in compilations not using music, and I say we need to encourage that in all videos, any way we can, until background music is a thing of the past. WHO'S WITH ME ??!? Or am i nuts.

Default background as Black / Night...? (Dark Talk)

When I see the Sift in white now, it looks like a bad 80's word processor...

The videos are the focus...
Nobody needs to burn electrons on a bright backdrop.
...and the black theme is just so bad ass.

Default background should be black...?
Thoughts ?

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