Cord Cutters Unite!

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I don't know about you guys, but I'm finding it easier than ever to go without a TV (no I won't beat you over the head about how awesome I am for throwing out my set). I use Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, PBS Streaming and others.

It would be nice to have a way to integrate these sites into VideoSift. I've found some of my favourite shows through the Sift, like Would I Lie to You, Downton Abbey and That Mitchell & Webb Look. I think VideoSift, as a community of smarties, does a lot better job as a discovery service than even the much-ballyhooed Netflix recommendations engine

Of course there are downsides to attempting to integrate sites like Netflix et al:
-- They generally don't allow embedding!
-- Geoblocking
-- Some cost money

The first one listed above is the biggie - but what I was imagining is a URL to the show or episode, with a screenshot , and then clicking would open it in a new window - but people could leave comments and vote etc on VideoSift. My fantasy would be having viewing parties where we could all get together and group binge on new shows ... but I'd settle for a good source of recommendations for what to watch.

Geoblocking is becoming less of a problem for us people living outside North America; this is because of easy (legal) circumvention, and sites like Netflix and Crackle that have made local versions available.

Let me know what you think about the idea - and happy to hear tweaks or other suggestions in the comments.

Completely Erase Entire Comments from People You're Ignoring

I've just made a tweak to the system to allow for individual users that I define to completely erase comments in their entirety written by people you are ignoring.

If you are a person who can't stand that the existing "ignore" feature still allows you the opportunity to see comments from people you can't stand and want this feature enabled for you, just let me know (either here or in a PM if you'd prefer) and I'll enable it for you.

Caveat emptor: Once comments are completely hidden from a user you're ignoring you'll have no way to un-ignore them (except to ask me to turn this feature off for you of course).

Happy Friday!

Do you enjoy marijuana?

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are you a pothead?

"Community" is Back and on Yahoo!

I don't know if all fans of Community are aware of this because I never heard a word about it, but after their final season on TV last year, I guess Yahoo! picked them up for a 13-episode season, which started airing online last month.

This was quite exciting for me to learn. I'm really enjoying their new season and I want to try getting the word out to everyone else who hasn't heard.

Tell a friend.

Should ignored comments be completely hidden?

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Sometimes one can't help but click 'show it anyway' when an ignored sifter comments. Often, it would be better if those one ignores could be out of mind completely. This would be helped by an option to not see that they had commented at all, as in the comment would be completely hidden, unseen when you read comment threads. Opinions are welcome. I can't be sure all the options are possible, but we'll get an idea what's wanted.

I started a YouTube gaming news channel - Factual Gamer (Videogames Talk)

So I decided to create a new YouTube channel called Factual Gamer, because I felt that the internet is already full of opinions, biased-reviewing, and rage-filled commenting.

Factual Gamer is an informational, fact-based news show, about the gaming world, and everything related, and aims to make a difference by presenting gamers with objective, factual information.

This is my latest video (I currently post a new one every friday) with this weeks news:

Let me know what you think (I appreciate any constructive criticism) and if you enjoy, please share and subscribe

Is the Sift outdated?

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Videosift is still chugging along after 9 years. No small task.

Tho without new & regulars users, is it doomed to a slow agonizing death?

Will the site ever be a contender for any significant portion of the market share?

When the heck will Dag give us the option to change our frecken' usernames?!

Seriously tho, I'd pay a small subscription fee for that functionality. Okay, now i'm just rambling.

RFC: VS6 Sidebar Suggestions

Request for comment on the new VS6 sidebar on the video permalink page. It currently shows to sections with a maximum of 5 videos per section: 1) Suggested Videos; 2) Related Videos. It's been suggested (or complained about) that the new sidebar sucks.

... more inside ...

View Counting Bug in Sift Talk

When I'm in a permalink page for a Sift Talk and I either reload the page or click the title (self-link to the same page), the views count goes up sometimes in ones, as it perhaps should, but sometimes in twos and threes. I didn't figure out a pattern. I did notice that the one Vote message I looked at always went up by ones and the others went up by twos or threes.


Edit: and sometimes fours.

VideoSift v6 (VS6) Beta Video Page

As our more veteran members have pointed out from time to time, it's been quite some time since we made any big changes around here. And as @dag announced last week VideoSift is 9 years old!

As the years have flown by and the Internet culture has continued to evolve, we, like ever before, want to keep nimble to continue making improvements so The Sift is still a place you will love to call home. ... more inside ...

Happy 9th Siftiversary

Well, here we are again, 9 years down the track. Maybe we're not quite the big deal we were in previous years, but ... we're still here! The reason we're still here is because VideoSift is run a by a bunch of maniacal, (maybe slightly OCD?) but wonderful people who make this place a living breathing community.

I know my touch has been a bit light over the last couple of years, but I do come by every day to check-in. VideoSift is a touchstone for me– it's the site that I measure all other websites by. Thanks to all the Sifters who make this what is still the best community on the web and my Internet home.

Should videosift allow images in comments?

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Per @lucky760's comment,
It was decided years ago those are far too easily abused, but hey this is a meritocracy. If the constituency stands united with a single voice, perhaps the site admins would reconsider the issue. Maybe start a poll.

I'd sometimes like to embed images in comments, and I think that the existing hobbling/banning options would be sufficient to deal with abuse... but then, I'm not entirely sure what type of abuse @lucky760's worried about? I would think that it would be similar to embedding any video source (requires gold star).

RIP Joystiq :( (Videogames Talk)

The rumours that Joystiq is shutting down are now official, which makes me incredibly sad. That was my go-to videogame news site (not to mention a favourite podcast of mine), so now I'm wondering what my main source of gaming news is going to be. There are a few sites I visit semi-regularly (Destructoid, Polygon, Shacknews, etc.), but none quite scratch that same itch.

What's everyone's favourite gaming news site?

(And no, this probably doesn't belong on the main sift talk page, but this place is a ghost town anyway, so... Plus, I know a lot of us are gamers, so, somewhat relevant, right?)

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