Eric3579 Hits Galaxy!

@eric3579 is a community manager. Sure, he might say he’s not - and maybe he even decided not to be an “official” one here on VideoSift, but he is just the same.

He has all of the qualities of a good online community manager - he sees the humans behind the avatars, treats people with sensitivity and respect and most of all gives a damn about what happens in the community.

I’ve come to value what Eric has to say, as I know he’s got his ear to the ground of the community. In many ways I’d say he knows VideoSift better than I do.

Thanks Eric, for all of your contributions over the years, for being you and helping us make VideoSift what it is - happy to call you a friend and colleague-in-sift. Happy Galaxy!

What say you regarding a 'Murica channel?

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A total of 9 votes have been cast on this poll.

I've come up with a channel idea [finally] and want to run it past you Sifters ... it's Murica

The term "murica" is the way many people with thick American South accents pronounce "America". It is used to denote overtly extreme nationalism and patriotism. It's generally perceived as a derogatory yet humorous way to describe Americans as fat, lazy, gun wielding, war loving, horse riding, saloon fighting, beer drinking, sex wanting ... the possibilities are endless here.

There is mucho fodder these days on so many levels and this video in particular just now put me over the top [hahahaha]

So ... I'd appreciate any and all input. Please and Thank you.

Enough already, Eric3579 -- let us celebrate you! (Happy Talk)

Come one, come all, come coax Eric3579 into finally getting GALAXY!!!!

Mr Eric has the highest vote per video average than any large presence on the Sift. That happens in part because he keeps killing videos that don't perform well.

Friends of Mr Eric -- and I know you are legion -- please come coax him into the World of Galaxy.

I'm doing this sift talk for selfish reasons -- I want to hear Dag's song! I want to see his personal badge.

And I want to celebrate Mr Sift himself. He was the first person who talked to me on the sift 10 years ago, and he gave me so much support. I have watched him do the same for others.

Thanks for being my Sift Buddy all these years, Eric.

Can't have a capitalized accented E in my video title? (Geek Talk)

In my submission, I had to omit the capitalized accented E due to "Invalid Entry" error for "POKÉMON GO FAST FACTS! | Pokémon Training in the Real World". However, it did let me have it with capitalized plain (no accent) in "POKEMON GO FAST FACTS! | Pokémon Training in the Real World".

So if VS didn't like the accent, then why let me use it in lowercased "e"? A bug?

Thank you in advance.

10 years, but I made it to Bronze! (Woohoo Talk)

Thank you all so much... for your inclusion, encouragements, suggestions, and upvotes. I hit my 10 year anniversary here yesterday, and finally got my 25th Star Point today, finally stopping Sifty (siftie) from halting 90% of my invocations. I've gone through so much during this time, such as the birth of two of my daughters, two heart transplants for my first daughter (and her subsequent death), the purchase and foreclosure of my first house and finally throwing in the towel at my career of being an Architect (I get paid more by being a drafter, anyways...and less stress and getting paid for overtime).

Anyways, you people have been there for me for a long time, though you may not have realized it. I have missed those whom have moved on, like Farhad2000, KnivesOut, and even Choggie (at his reincarnation)...but I appreciate all of you in this community of freaks. Huzzah!

YouTube Playlist Analyzer (Geek Talk) from :

"YouTube Playlist Analyzer uses YouTube Data API to analyze any youtube playlist or channel, and display the related information graphically. It supports 3 modes of data representations (or views): Playlist View, Timeline View and Table View. Use this tool to find out things like follows:

Total Duration of a playlist?
Compare video durations in a playlist/channel.
What is the trend of views, likes, dislikes or comments on videos of a channel/playlist?
Details of each video item - title, channel title, duration, counts, publishing time, short description, video link."

Its total playlist times could be useful for YouTube's video playlist submissions, @dag and @lucky760!

Ima Llama

I've been a mostly silent, but active, member here for 9+ years...and yet i know (of) many of you. Almost daily, I upvote a number of vids and seethe over Siftbot's denials of my rare downvotes and privileged requests. Seeing Oritteropo's Galaxy status, I am reminded that I need to bump up my own profile here. Thus, I have decided to peep in the forums, so for my first trick, I'll feign ignorance and ask all of you what is the best way to get integral here.

I mean to say, that I love this community and have found it quite valuable for a number of reasons. The ebb and flow suits me and has become my go-to site for any number of moods I may be in. I just want to find a way to finally give back in a small way.

And a shout out to ant, as he was my introduction to this site via Blues News.

ps- I would like to earn my first star before I hit 10 years, you know.

Oritteropo hits galaxy

It's been a while since we've had a Galaxy. 2,000 videos is not an easy goal - I'll probably never get there, and amazed at the dedication for those who do. I'm really happy to award this Galaxy badge to someone I've actually met in the flesh! Persephone and I met Oritteropo at a Melbourne SiftUp back in 2011. (Jeez, has it been that long?) It was a great time, and I found our @Orittoropo to be a charming, brainy guy.

As is our custom here, we've had a special badge designed for Oritteropo by our dedicated resident illustrator Chris Murphy. And of course, I've penned a, er, "special" song in Oritteropo's honour. Here's to my fellow antipodean Oritteropo, congrats on the Galaxy and thanks for your amazing dedication to the VideoSift community.

What's the point of not being able to dead an unsifted video

@lucky760 and @dag I'm pretty sure this has been brought up before. I don't understand why we are not able to dead a video that is unsifted? If there is a reason i'd be interested to know it. IMO seeing a dead video on the front page and no way of removing it is just annoying, poor form and bad for the site.

and while i'm at it another thing that has been brought up before...

In the new layout once you are in a channel (ex: there is no easy way to get back to the full site. In the previous version* you clicked on the sift logo in the upper left corner to return to the full site. Not so in the new version. Another sifter brought this to my attention and asked if there was a way that he wasn't aware of. All i could see doing is changing the url or going to a non new page version like comments then clicking on the logo. IMO that's seems broken and not something purposely done. Although if it was a purposeful change id be interested to know why.

*If you would rather use the old VideoSift version you can go to the bottom of any new videosift version page and at the bottom click 'beta opt out'.

End of harassing @lucky760 (for now). You know i love you

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