Let's talk about Syria

Who thinks it's a great idea? Who doesn't? Someone needs to talk about it. Thoughts on Obama saying, "I have the authority to carry out this military action without specific congressional authorization." And thoughts one him at the very least deferring to Congress for a declaration of war? And Secretary of State Kerry's comments on military intervention?

Here's a picture of Kerry and his wife having dinner with Assad, taken 2009. I voted for him 2004. Shudder:

Obama's thoughts on it today:

VideoSift isn't iPhone friendly

Mainly the pagination breaks on my iPhone 5. Lucky, I know you're awesome, you work very hard, and also a droid guy. So, you know, like whatever and shit. You are awesome and stuff and have a big penis. But whatever happened to the mobile site at least?

Or who cares? Or fuck Apple? Etc.

Banner Ads

Wow. Right now in the VS homepage, I am barraged with three animated banner ads for the Nokia Lumia. One at top, one at middle right, one stretched across the bottom.

It looks like shit. It looks like one of those trashy sites you avoid because the ads overpower the content. If i was a new user coming to VS, I would be immediately scared away.

Play icon in submitted videos' titles on VS.

I am starting to see a pattern recently. For examples: http://videosift.com/video/ndash-amanda-boyle-skirt and http://videosift.com/video/ndash-Epic-Chick-Fight-Live-Action-Family-Guy-Chicken-Fight ...

I know it is for YouTube to show what is currently playing (see http://news.slashdot.org/story/13/08/04/1944221/youtube-adds-play-icon-to-page-titles-to-show-which-tabs-are-making-noise ), but VS should not include them. How are they coming up anyways? I never see those in my YouTube submissions.

Thank you in advance.

To Canadian sifters - Easily bypass US only region blocking (Canada Talk)

Not used the Sift Talk before, but as @eric3579 advised me, this would be a good place to share something I discovered a while back.

It's a simple Chrome and Firefox extension that will allow you to view any US only, region blocked content like Comedy Central, Netflix, Hulu, etc in your browser. Just go here, install and bam, no more region blocking bollocks:


I've been using it for months and never had any problem with it.
It is completely FREE, but if you feel so inclined, why not give them a small donation for this extremely useful addon?

BTW. it's not just for use in Canada, but anywhere.

Can't stack VS command in a single comment? (Geek Talk)

For an example when I find a dead video, but I found a replacement for it Why can't I say this in a single comment?

backup=[a valid embed code]

So, Siftbot adds the backup and then replaces it since the original video is dead.

First command worked, but not the second one. I had to say dead command to make Siftbot do it.

Thank you in advance.

Blankfist Reaches Galaxy

Blankfist has been a member for over six years and has a rich and interesting past on this community. Some of you may not know that he created the VideoSift digital crossword puzzle which was a really cool program that he coded all on his own. Many would say Blankfist is a polarising figure on the Sift - I'd agree, but his contributions are undeniable and I would like to sincerely thank him for all of his work and enrichment of the Sift over the years.

Here's to you Blankfist - congratulations on reaching Galaxy!

With apologies to Neil Diamond:

Blankfist Has Returned!!!

I am pleased to announce that our infamous cat fart man is back where he belongs!! As a member of the Trilateral Cat Commission, I could not be happier.

I guess we'll be hearing a new song from @dag sooner than we expected, as blankfist is less than 50 sifts away from achieving Galaxy status. Please show him some love and check out some of the awesome videos in his pq!!


Welcome back bf!!!

Delayed Newest Channel Talk Posts?

For a while, I noticed posting new SiftTalk threads/posts seem not to show up right away in the channels list on the right side. It is annoying since I can't find my own posts/threads! Is there a reason for this? However, I do see them show up right away in primary site Sift Talk though if selected/checked!

Thank you in advance.

Falskaar, a new Skyrim mod

Whoa there, horsie...

I don't play video games, but I know a lot of people who do. I also know one person who makes video games, including this one that took him over a year and a half to complete.

I'm not trying to sell anything to you, so don't ban me, bro. Or tase me. Bro.

If you enjoy Skyrim and wish you could play it for at least 30 more hours and finish 26 new quests on a brand-new island, play this freaking game!


Congratulations to Pumkinandstorm on reaching Galaxy!

An incredible ascension - so quick that we don't quite have her new badge ready yet - but I want to take this opportunity to say thanks for all your contributions and tell you how amazed I am that you've reached this level so quickly.

We may not have your badge ready, but, as is our custom with galaxy level Sifters, I have written and performed a song in your honor. With great apologies to the Fab 4:

(and we really need to sort out that whole which one of you is a cat thing)

Happy Independence Day to the United States of America

Many countries have an independence day - that's why I specified the country. Let there be no ambiguity that I am wishing a happy Independence Day to my home country, the USA.

I do love my homeland - for the music, the culture, the food, the promise of opportunity, the air of optimism and class equality.

I've lived outside the US for almost 15 years now. At some point in the future I'll probably tick over to the point where I've lived more of my life overseas than the country of my birth.

When you do live in other countries - you look at the USA in a different way. You see it through the eyes of non-Americans. My kids tell me, in their Aussie classrooms, that the US is a target for criticism- gentle ribbing sometimes - bitter mocking at others. It's OK, because their classmates don't know that my kids are American. They have no yankee accent.

Recently - that classroom criticism has started to seep into other areas of my life - at work, on the street etc. I don't ever want to have to hide my Americanness. I hope that no one ever spray paints "yankee go home" on my garage door- or that my kids have to renounce their heritage to friends - because we like being American.

I had to peel my Obama bumper sticker off yesterday though. I was afraid that the car might get keyed, or egged.

So, selfishly, for my sake - and other ex-pats living overseas who love their country - if we could just get things a bit back on track - that would be great.

This is a very rambling post to wish my fellow country people a happy and hopeful Independence Day - and to urge you to attend or support the
Restore the Fourth

Cloud Storage

I jumped off of Google Drive because it's a broken piece of garbage with little to zero support, much like many other Google products.

I learned about Copy, which is very comparable in price (e.g., $9.99/mo for 250GB) but a much, much better service with faster transfer speeds and fantastic UI (for website, desktop, and mobile app). I've been using Copy for about a month now and am very satisfied with it.

Some of the great features are: 200 kb/s, revision history for every modified file so you can revert back to a previous version, undelete files you mistakenly deleted, auto-upload of photos as you take them (from the mobile app), creating companies to share your storage, and more.

If you're interested in awesome online storage, you can sign up for a free 15GB account, but as Copy is big on growing via referral, if you sign up with my link, you and I will get an extra 5GB of permanent bonus storage: https://copy.com?r=D0OuTI

If you already using Copy, how do you like it? If not, what type of cloud storage are you using and what's your experience like with it?

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