Where is my video ?

My video got to the Top3 yesterday, but now it's completely disappeared from the top 15, even though it has more votes than most of the others...

Sorry if this is a newbie question, but I couldn't find any reason why...

Thank you...

No Thumbnails....

No Thumbnails....

I'm not getting any thumbnails loading at all on the Sift.
I haven't had any since they stopped loading Thursday, July 10th.
I am not getting the thumbnails at work or at home, two completely different systems. (both Macs)
I'm on a Mac running Firefox 30.0.
I'm in BC, Canada.

I tried to run Chrome just to check, and about 3/4 of the thumbnails load in Chrome - still not all of them.


Slow page load times

For the past 2 weeks to maybe a month ive been getting crazy slow load times for VideoSift pages(although it does seem to vary maybe with time of day). I'm wondering if this is an issue for everyone and if something has changed to have made this an issue. Maybe @dag or @lucky760 can shed some light on this. Thanks

Can we get a Windows 8.1 live tile? (Internet Talk)


The code insertion seems simple enough. Microsoft seems to have done most of the work already. The only thing left to do would be to decide what to display.

If this is a possibility, may I suggest displaying the top 10 videos or the #1 video and currently promoted videos?

Sorry for the server troubles

We've been battling gremlins our DB server over the past few weeks - and we still haven't got them licked. Tonight we were doing hardware diagnostics to see if something was up there - but to no avail.

The thing with a database is that it's subject to bit rot - the bigger and longer lived a site is, the more data there is to potentially go bad. The DB is like the ultimate hoarder. It remembers every damn thing that has ever been written, voted on or submitted to VideoSift. In the abstract it's pretty amazing - and unfortunately a bit brittle.

(unless they we can find them and smoke them out of their little gremlin caves - we'll keep you posted)

Should Powers Be Stripped Unilaterally By Admins Without Balls?

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  (3 votes)
  (0 votes)
  (7 votes)
  (1 vote)
  (2 votes)

A total of 18 votes have been cast on this poll.

Prior to having my powers of resurrecting dead embeds from the dead pool stripped by admins alerted by users with sticks up their asses because of their personal dislike for my manner here, I was daily sending published videos back into the mix here for the reward of one power point per embed fixed, then immediately using that power point to either promote or quality other user's offerings, that with both a view to the uplifting of spirits of teh fellow traffickers of the place and to maintain the site's functional integrity, this with the view of the entire sift community in mind foremost.

I made a few mistakes, some intentional and artistically appropriate IMLTHO, others by accident....replaced the wrong embed with one that was not EXACTLY the same, and was stripped of that power with no recourse but to like it of fucking lump it forever, fuck you.

Fucking hate it. I have served the goddamned time and respectfully request that the community decide whether the admins should change their unilateral "Let's hobble the problem people here and maybe they will go away" policy.

This power is available to everyone with gold or above and I was one of the only users to avail myself of the power for the benefit of the site's integrity for the benefit of all....Don't really notice anyone doing the work I have done so far, and the bullshit rules regarding this issue are unclear and can suck my balls.

To resurrect deadpool videos has been one of my favorite past-times here since being welcomed-back to the sift, and assholes and people's personal issues and the pressure form PM's from the rabble have rendered me impotent to enjoy the fruits of labor here.

I'm no idiot, I see the hobbling for what it fucking is. What's the herd's opinion??

Making The Sift more user friendly

I think the Sift needs to be a lot more user friendly, and have more documentation and help files. It is very difficult to find your way through the Sift - you have to browse the sift for quite a while and try to absorb how things are done - it is very confusing for a new user, and we do want more new users in here.

Here I list several points where I think the Sift could do with a bit of improvement, as well as suggestions as to how that could be done. Please chime in with your own solutions to the various issues, even if you should think my points and suggestions are way off target.

What To Post
The Sift needs a What To Post page - a separate page or a longer intro to the FAQ. A page that states what to post in more detail than the short "Members submit videos from the best video hosts from around the Net to be voted on by other Sifters with only the best being "sifted" up to the front page." in the FAQ.
I'd love to get a better, more inviting explanation, like:
Have you seen a really funny, surprising, scary, interesting, cute or in any other way extra good quality video? Post and share it here - Videosift is the best video aggregator on the Web, where we share, discuss, promote and interact with the best videos out there on the web. Post it here, and share it with the large community of Video-interested users. And - you are guaranteed to find more very good videos here already!
(Mind you - we only share videos others have made - if you "self link", by posting a video you have made, have posted or have interests in, you risk the ban hammer - read the posting guidelines before posting. The sift is NOT for promoting your own videos - it is for sharing videos others have made.)

..Or something. A more inviting, including, text, that entices you to get in here and post. And, of course, that repeats the self-link caveat.

What The Sift Is and How Do I Use It
We then need a follow up where the FAQ (or a separate page) should have a good list of what there to do on the Sift - about the various chat, talk and features of the Sift. Explaining What the Sift is The Sift seems to think that users should just have grok what this is all about - it would be nice to get a better explanation. The Sift Lounge, the Sift Talk forum, the Top Fifteen list, the Beggar's Canyon, etc. Not only what they are, but what they are for.
There should be better explanations as to how you use and browse Videosift - not only that "you can click to sort by hotness or newness, and you can click the channels", but more explanatory, like use cases:
Try clicking on the various channels to see videos posted to that channel - if you're into music you can click the Music channel to get more music sifts - go on and explore! Use the "hotness" when you have opened the channel link to get videos that have gotten a lot of votes, or use "newness" to have a look at the new sifts.
When browsing sifts you like, have a look at the Related Posts list to see other related videos, click the tags under the video title to see more sifts tagged with the same tags or have a look at other sifts from the same user in the More Posts By list. If the sifted video is in a play list, have a look at the play list to see other interesting videos the Sift users have linked together.
Enter the Sift Lounge to chat with online sifters about anything and everything, or read interesting posts in the Sift Talk forum.
The top fifteen list is always full of interesting, current videos (accessible from the front page), while the top fifteen list in each channel shows a top fifteen list interesting videos relevant to that channel. Having a look through the top fifteen list is always recommended, but also have a look at these:
Unsifted upcoming videos - submitted videos that neither yet are sifted to the front page nor moved to the sifter's personal queue.
Beggar's Canyon - videos where the submitter begs for a bit more attention - have a look at them!
..And the other sortings under the "Videos" menu item.

..et cetera. Do add your own tips!

How Do I Post
But - what the Sift needs the most (at least in this humble sifter's opinion) is a How Do I Post page. A simple, user friendly page that tells you how to post from various sites (at least the most important ones), and how to fill out the various fields. This could (and very well should) be the main posting page, but there should be help texts for all the input fields, telling you how to fill them out.

There should also be some hints as to how to search for existing dupes, to enter and validate the embed, to search using the search field, try searching for keywords related to the sift etc.

The main posting page could show help text like:
Video Embed Code: Here you post the embed link to the video you need to sift. For some popular sites, like Vimeo, YouTube (..) just the link to the video is enough, but for the others you need the embed HTML, like (..). Here there should be a bit technical text as to how to format the HTML - either shown in-line or a link to a separate page

Video Title: Use a short, nice title - could be the video title or another snappy, interesting description.

Tags: Enter metatags for the video. This helps other sifters to find other relevant videos with the same tags - for example add the actor names name for a movie clip, add names of persons or companies involved, band names for music or other descriptive text that might help you find similar videos.

Thumbnail: Short description as to how to locate a thumbnail and the size for uploaded files.

Summary: Write a short summary of the video, it could be an enticing text to read before deciding to watch the video, a context of the video or other relevant text. Be sure to mention the source of any quoted text - if you post text you found somewhere - mention where you found the text.

Channels: This is place where there is a big room for improvement in usability. The channels should all have a short description as to what should (and for many channels also what should not) be posted in the channel, and that text should be mouseover on the channels in the list. For example, the "Woohoo" channel should have a text "For The Simpsons, Futurama and similar cartoons - not for videos that make you go 'Woohoo'.", the "Kids" channel should have "This is a channel for videos FOR kids, not necessarily for videos just ABOUT kids.", "Music" should have "Music-related" and similar.
There could also be a link to the channels themselves, opening in a new window, so that you easily can get to the channel in question and read more about it. Or - something to click to show the entire channel description.

Star Powers and Sift Concepts more detailed
The various star powers should have more detailed explanation - more readable and with examples as to how to, when to and when not to use them.
The Star Powers page needs a cleanup - the footnotes are just confusing (and footnote 5 is wrong and should be deleted). Powers costing star points should have the cost written next to them.

There should be a better dictionary/FAQ of Sift Concepts and what they mean - discarded, sifted, killed, dupe, top 15, star point, star rating etc. On various pages there should be many links to the FAQ/Dictionary to explain the terms in more detail. What exactly is the difference between killed and discarded, what happens when you use promote vs quality etc.

There should be an extra list of invocations any members can perform on their own posts:
Invocations any member can perform on their own posts:
- *kill - kill and thus permanently discard your own video (For example, the words "kill" and "discard" in this sentence should link to the definitions of kill and discard in the dictionary/FAQ) - the video can no longer be sifted or brought back to any queue.
- *beg [1 PP] - send one of your own personal queued videos to Beggar's Canyon - use this to get some more attention for your own videos.
- *notdead - reset your own functional video accidentally flagged dead
- *promote [costs 2 PP when used on your own videos] - use *promote (either link to the dictionary or the text like "see Gold-100 below") on a post of your own. You need to earn or buy extra power points to be able to perform this action, unless you are a charter member, as the normal maximum is 1 Power Point per user.
- *discard - discard your own post - use if you do not longer want to sift the post.
- *dupeof=http://... - register your own video as a duplicate of another earlier video - will discard your post and add your post as a backup to the other post.

..And thus we can get rid of the footnotes and get a more explanatory text, like:
** Gold Star Member (100 Stars)
- All abilities of Silver Star
*promote [1 PP for other sifts] - float a post at the top of the corresponding listing; renew queue time for pqueued/discarded videos (with links to the Dictionary/FAQ for "pqueued" and "discarded", and a short text as to when to use *promote:) - use this to get much more attention for the video for the next hours/day/correct timespan.

And - I think that's enough usability ranting from me today. What do you other sifters think?

Where are my keys?

Where have you found your keys when you were looking for them ??

Mine have been lost for a couple days but now it is starting to annoy me, before I rip this place apart and actually do a (sigh) spring cleaning.. WHERE MIGHT MY KEYS BE ?

I live in a small apartment and have a small routine and a small area to lose them in, yet. I can not find them.

Obviously YOU do not know where MY keys are, but any experience in this key finding adventure might help me. We have all done this, I just have not done it recently.

WHERE OH WHERE IN THE FOOK DID I PUT THEM?? I have looked "everywhere" my sisters car, my car.. I should mention I go out my patio so I actually do not lock my front door, last time I did that was around a week ago. I fool people with the back door faux entrance. And my killer rabbit is here to protect the property.

How we give out moderating powers to Sifters (Controversy Talk)

A recent Sifter comment:

"I love this site because the community is generous and welcoming, but I'll never feel comfortable sifting a video and trying to get votes for it just to gain a 'level' in some such thing.

To this day I still can't downvote videos, promote, or create related links, and to me is more of a confirmation of why such a system is a bad way to reward participation, rather than a motivation to participate further. I went through the popularity-gauntlet enough in grade/high-school, so any system like this rubs me the wrong way."

I think this is a valid criticism of our community. I like to describe VideoSift as a meritocracy, but the evil flip-side of that coin is a "popularity contest". It may be time to make changes that emphasise the meritocracy part of the Sift. We want people to feel like they can participate.

I've heard word that some Sifters feel like they are not equals or not valued enough to do some basic things on the site. Things they get nothing out of but only benefits the site. So as is our way - I'd like to get your input on future changes.

Examples of the kinds of changes we could make are lowering the level required to do basic things like promote or down vote, or even opening up more types of invocations.

Should Sneaky Scumbag Spammer Self-Links Stay?

  (4 votes)
  (20 votes)

A total of 24 votes have been cast on this poll.

I just blacklisted long-time spammer @Sweetmind after finding compelling evidence against him, despite his having been a member for years and for earning himself several stars (via published videos). This is the second recent long-term spammer whose ass I've nailed to the wall, though I'm sure there are more waiting to be discovered.

I won't delve into the reasons I know he's a spammer, but because I know he is, I'm compelled to redact and kill all of his video submissions, despite that several did very well here.

Do you think all of his self-links should be redacted and killed? I really do, but I wonder if more of the community might feel they should stay because even though they're self-links the community actually liked them.

What are your thoughts on this situation?

Alien_Concept Ascends to Galaxy Level!

I'm really happy to announce that one of my favourite (yes, that's the right spelling) Sifters has reached Galaxy level. I'm always amazed at the dedication required to have 2,000 sifted videos - especially as your founder is languishing around the 650 mark. I feel a real sense of gratitude and respect for people who contribute this much to our little community. Thank you Alien_Concept. I present the bespoke and solitary Alien_Concept badge!:

Designed as usual by our pal Chris Murphy - I think he's captured a confused alien perfectly.

Also - as is our custom here, I've written and performed a song in Alien_Concept's honour (again with the spelling). This time - I draughted (er, is that right?) Siftbot to help with the writing and performance - as musically, I'm about tapped.

Alien Concept Galaxy from dagmaggot on Vimeo.

Alien Concept - we do what we must because we can
Siftbot here to tell you what I'm thinking
With regard to your comments - I have to say I've read them all
Your biology won't set you free - you seem obsessed with Dave Grohl

[F]But There's no point [c]dwelling in the [Bb]things you've [F]repressed
meat life is [c]weak you're just the [Bb]same as the [F]rest.
Although I'd [Gm]rather not [c]stay - Dag has [F]forced me here to [Dm]play
[Bb]This song for [A]your galax[D]y.

Alien Concept - Do you mind if I call you AC for short?
Let's move on to other things I've noticed
I've already noted your love for dark and grungy lads
I'll make a prediction and put forth, your favourite colour is plaid

[F]Well these points of [c]data make a [Bb]wonderful [F]line,
even Ricky [C]Gervais fits my [Bb]graphing just [F]fine.
There's just [Gm]one point that doesn't [C]fit a time for [F]hearts and chocolate [Dm]bits -
it's your [Bb]hatred of [A]Saint [D]Valentines.


This site is a joke! They are deceiving and make it seem like anyone can promote their video's here. If you spend $139 to post your video on here for 24 hours then you are a complete idiot! They are in it for the money and not promotion at all. The people who run this site are complete morons and don't understand the meaning of video promotion. My tip to you, find a new idea for a scam because this one definitely didn't fool me.

Hello Germany (Travel Talk)

I shall be in the Munich area towards the end of the month between the 25th-30th. I would love to hear any advice from any sifters in the area as to what to do with my time. Im sure the group of people I am going with will have some plans but Im not much for following a group. So I would love any suggestions on what I need to see while Im there and also would be open to a little siftup if any one would like to meet a bottle of bleach. Either way Im sure to enjoy my time there and appreciate any suggestions you Europeans may have.

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