Where do you Social Network?

I remember Dag was dabbling with the option of converting the sift into more of a social network by allowing members to befriend each other. That idea didn't really fly with the Sifters, but I am sure in this web2.0 world many of us use different types of Social Networks. I am curious where Sifters choose to Network when away from the sift.

What got me thinking of this was that I recently signed up for Twitter, (if you have it you can add me) which has proved to be pretty addicting, I originally found it useless until I added the the Twitterfox application. It's a pretty cool tool, especially for people who work online all day, surely does beats AIM.


I feel like I've been around forever, I was once a top rated contributor on Reddit.com and Del.icio.us but I have long left those websites. ln '06 I was hired by Netscape - which has since been re-branded as Propeller.com - It's a massive network and I am mainly behind the scenes, it's one to keep an eye on, we have some pretty promising plans coming up.

Speaking of Social Network jobs, the beauty about social networks is that if you enjoy doing it, you may not realize that your participation is worth something to somebody. The longer you do, the more likely you'll get hired.

Sifters know I bark on and on about researching the clips and profiding relevant links, well Mahalo was paying attention and last month I got hired there, I'm in week six and this project is already the best full time job I've ever had, I get to research the web. It fucking rocks, the goal is literally categorizing the entire web, using humans instead of algorithms. It's still in beta and the Social portion of the site is still being built, but Newsweek lines it up next to Google. You can befriend me here. And if you are interested in earning money by researching the web, you can see the type of research that is needed and how much money you can earn.

What else is there... Um Facebook...except I really dislike facebook because, here in Canada it appears everybody uses it. It's nice to have been connected to a lot of my old school friends from back in the day, but I also have like 7 ex-gf I didn't really want to see again and with Facebook I get reminded of them daily. Not only that dozens of high school douchebags suddenly are "friends" with me. I think I'll pass.

I may have to tear myself away from Sifting soon, I'm going to be putting much effort into Mahalo, I've been with them full time for about six weeks and I love it there. I will be tempted to promote it's research here....but it's literally the type of research I've been looking to focus my labour on. Self promotion and sifting do not mix, it's too tempting, I want to avoid a SQ in advance so I am respecfully going to step away from sifting videos.

I'm gunna continue mainting this blog, it is afterall the "new TayTV", and I have nowhere else to blog right now. It will be nice getting back to blogging basics without the pressure to that I had while under contract with AOL News. I hope the community here can accept this blog and any videos I post here will be free for you to Sift. So this, I feel is a good fit. Plus I can't leave choggie after a fight, one day, perhaps on the back of corporate funding, we will smoke that bowl my friend.

Right now I'm in the midst of building a Carl Sagan serp (let me know if you want to know how you can help) one day it should look as nice as the David Attenborough serp. Which reminds me,  I have a full queue right now, do what you will with this siftable Attenborough clip, it is a Whip Scorpion..uhoh no page...


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