FriendFeed Users? (Blog Post)

Anybody out there in Siftland use FriendFeed?

Its a service that lets you keep track of all your sharing. For example My Feed is set to update whenever I post to Videosift, Twitter, Google Reader, Digg, Reddit, stumbleupon, youtube and other social websites, as well as your own personal blogs

To make it work with VideoSift you click on services then "Blog" (RSS Icon) and load in your Sift Feed, for example mine is.

Its a pretty handy service, especially considering you can also track your friends activity.  And its compatible with Twhirl. 

So if you use multiple services and connect with multiple people over thsoe multiple services, its a great tool to use. 

The Day The Daily Show Changed (Blog Post)

TDTUC obvioulsy doesn't interest that many people (cept for fellow fan Jwray), but the project was huge and each episode took about 4 hours+ to craft, it was a mighty task and well worth the reward of a job well done from Mr Burke himself, no less. Again all done in my spare time, fueled by a passion for research and archiving. 

But more its just always followed my online video philosophy; when you share something, breath something new into it.

That Documentary series has evolved thanks to the Internet. Thanks to whomever uploaded it to YouTube the clips have been available to the world for year now, thanks to me each episode is now transcribed with links to every topic mentioned in the series, and thanks to mahalo eventually every topic will be full of the best information on each topic available on the web. 2008 any newb watching James Burke for the first time will have a more full experience then those who watched back those who watched back in 1985. 

It was a primer, for my latest project, using the exact same format as done with TDTUC, I have started to do the same work for The Daily Show. Here is the March 6 2003 Episode displayed on Mahalo. Time considering, I hope to build more of these pages.

Please, let me know what you think of this. Do you think watching info television in this manner enhances your viewing experience? The episode is clipped up into parts, beneath are internal links to each subject brought up in the clip, the episode is summed up by citing the news references with external links. And of course embeds...wonderful wonderful embeds.

Check it out 


The Day the Universe Changed (Blog Post)

The last couple of weeks I've been working on the creating pages dedicated to James Burke and his amazing "The Day The Universe Changed" documentary series.

What I've done is created individual pages for each of episode and added guide notes for each episode, if you click on any of the episodes you'll be able to not only watch the episode but have access to additional information to every name and event mentioned within that episode. If you are anything like me, you'll find it fascinating; James Burke mentions the most important events in Western History.

  1. It Started with the Greeks
  2. Medieval Conflict: Faith and Reason
  3. Scientific Imagination in the Renaissance
  4. Printing Transforms Knowledge
  5. Science Revises the Heavens
  6. The Factory and Marketplace Revolution
  7. Social Impacts of New Medical Knowledge
  8. Darwin's Revolution
  9. The New Physics: Newton Revised
  10. Changing Knowledge, Changing Reality

Each episode links to about 50+ different pages, many of which are incomplete. So If you wish to help and are unsure how, just let me know and I will be more the happy to walk you through it.  I'm not much of a promoter, but this project means a lot to me in the form that its literally everything I've ever wanted to do with the web... thats to create a second life, an interactive life,  to television programming, there are no commercials or advertisments here, just links to more information... Just like Burke would have wanted it.

 (James Burke emailed my btw, and said these pages were "masterly", probably one of my most proudest accomplishments I've had online)

The white woman voting for Barack (Blog Post)

I'm starting to feel sick keeping track of this American Election...the Clintons are probably banking on fatigue and apathy at this point...But, Barack is still in it and Colbert had a white woman supporter on last night. Claire McCaskill

In regards to the GI Bill, I think Barack says it best.
There are many issues that lend themselves to partisan posturing, but giving our veterans the chance to go to college should not be one of them.

McCain Orchestrating a troll Campaign (Blog Post)

I know John McCain is old, and probably got this idea from some right wing freeper nut. But what do you think of him using his online support to go into liberal communities and earn "points" by trolling comment sections. 

Select from the numerous web, blog and news sites listed here, go there, and make your opinions supporting John McCain known. Once you’ve commented on a post, video or news story, report the details of your comment by clicking the button below. After your comments are verified, you will be awarded points through the McCain Online Action Center.
God Speed QM, you can take this competition, do the sift proud

A way to honour Younger Sifters (Blog Post)

Everyday we see the same Top 15 Sifters in the sidebar...It's a great honour to be listed there amoung such talented video shareres, I am sure everybody is familiar with these sifters due to their participation and the fact that they are listed in the sidebar all day.

I think a great way to get more usernames on the out there would be to add a 2nd list consisting of the top 15 sifters of the week, it would most likely rotate more and be more interesting to watch, as the names will change more frequently. Also help introduce us to lesser known hard working sifters.



Me again...talking about research again... (Blog Post)

After seeing a Mahalo plug on videosift that didn't come from me it made me feel a little inspired to write a little bit more about Mahalo.

 Mahalo is a website that is the anti-spam, the project is to retrieve from the web the best content in regards to any and every subject. Here is the most recent speech from Calacanis, the Mahalo boss.




Now, he's attracted a pretty large workfoce who work on topics that range from video games to celebrity gossip, but my interestes are focused in the much needed research division. Here is a page I am pretty proud of, in regards to the most recent Political scandal that involved the Mainstream Media and the Message force multipliers.

I am happy to see lots of sifters have signed up, and with some time and patience I am sure we'll find a way to make research enjoyable. For those who have signed up, start befriending each other so we can find our niche within what is gearing up to being a massive online research project.


Signed up Sifters: DotDude,, Kulpims , Myfifteenminutes , SpecialK , Mink

Region Blocking and Why the Sift is Important (Blog Post)

So by now you guys should all know that I am no longer wasting my days looking for videos...that is why for the first time in two years I actually have room in my queue (Personal queue is pretty full though Yes, a sifting addiction can be treated for those in the community concerned that they themselves are becoming addicted.


Some of us spend money to enjoy our moving picture experience here within the walls of this community. It's interesting how we have watched as other social platforms got massive corporate donations. We are lucky we had Lucky to slug out 3.0, it is a beautiful work of code. If you have been on the sift since 2006 then I am sure you have witnessed the future of media and the future of the internet unfold before you. As we have scrounged the youtubes and blogs for Sift fuel, the outside world was moving. I like it here, every Internetter since the dawn of the Internet has become social within communties big and small.. And although I work full time within some of the heavyily funded giants, I love this community here because we come from all over the globe and we all have different video tastes. As a clip hunter I appreciate the tools we have here to sort online video too.

Online video is changing, most of us should have known that back when TayTV broke the "YouTube was bought by Google story" eons ago.  Oh..and so did the Sift. <---- This link offers great research by the way of lots of archived coverage of that 2006 event. Dag linked to a Great Mark Cuban blog post, with a hint of Irony when you hit play on the embed.


The Sift is at Risk! - as Krono pointed out in this Sift Talk a month ago, Regional Blocking is becoming widespread and I fear for the Sift. Our great community is home to many Canadians and for some reason, and America is building a wall, it just happens to not be in Mexico but within the mega video Social Networks of the Internet.

I first encountered Regional Blocking after experiencing for the joy of having access to a real life version of a TV archive that I thought would be available in heavan, The Daily Show archive. I was pretty upset, at one point I was so delusional I drafted up plans to incite a Colbert Boycott! Me? I have been the hugest Colbert Fan even before he stuck the Banana in his mouth. 

(btw Canadians...the video above is region blocked)

So that historical footage is locked away unless I hack a proxy or something like that. Either way its Something my grandma will never figure out, and she loves the way I describe this clip, a clip, a 91 year old Canadian, wife of a WWII vet, will never experience...What is it with old ladies and the Royal Family? Why is it America is suddenly so afraid with Canadians watching their video content. We get the Buffalo News in Ontario and the Seattle News here in BC. And yes, between 1999 and 2005 you could watch the Simpsons syndicated during every hours of the day with just a regular cable hookup, half the idiot box is American. 



This is why Videosift is vitally important, we have an archive of almost every great clip from youtube that saw the light of the internet before the great Google purchase of 2006. If they have been removed from the net we can anticipate their return from a the deep end of the dead pool. I for one hope that once the dust settles its only sane, friendly corporations that survive. Because this new trend seems like a step backwards to where we were a year ago. Isn't it called the World Wide Web.

Region Blocking sucks, Tear down this wall.



Hendrix Clinton Experience (Blog Post)

As a Canadian I am all wrapped up in this American election coverage. The negative ads piss me off and blog my mind, In Canada we have attack ads, but in the States negative campaigning appears to take center stage and is gobbled up by the media. CNN sometimes even uses blood graphics to illustrate the "blood bath." The media loves a good fight.

I like the Barack fellow, so I was pretty pissed when Hillary started playing the fear card against him. I think she has to use fear if she wants to win. However, I believe the majority of the American people are smarter then to fall for her tricks, which is why I love catching mashups like this. Spread this one Barack supporters. 

*edit Just read this in Newsweek, kinda related, beats writing a new post, since it's kinda related. The Media has hinted that this democratic election is again going to be decided with a court case in Florida. Here are Hillary's reasons for fighting a legal battle.

NW: You ' ve been advocating seating delegations from Michigan and Florida. But Senator Obama wasn ' t even on the ballot in Michigan. Does making this argument risk alienating voters who think you ' re breaking the rules or changing the rules?
HRC: I don't think so. I mean, he had a choice to be on the ballot. He chose not to be. I chose to stay on the ballot. So that was a choice he made. His campaign then ran a very vigorous effort to try to defeat me with uncommitted delegates, and he lost. So it wasn't as though there wasn't a contest. There was a contest. And I won. And I won resoundingly in Florida … I don't think we should be about the business of denying voters in Michigan and Florida the right to be heard.


Reminder - New South Park This Week (Blog Post)

Just a friendly reminder for all my fellow South Park fans out there, it will be returning this wednesday. Currently the Top Sift is the "Nice, Nice" sift from gwiz. But it's not the highest SP sift we've seen, the hightest is the Naggers clip, and 2nd highest is my favourite - the Scientology clip.




Here are the top South Park clips by vote - some are dead so if you can fix, it's much appreciated. 

Who does Fox News Quote? (Blog Post)


Ok, what is she talking about, well you can read the full News Item about this story on King 5, CNN atleast showed their audience some context. ( vid been sifted)



That 3AM advertisement is starting to piss me off, it's being mentioned almost on a daily basis no matter what you watch. So Today as Barack Obama was winning the Wyoming Caucuses Fox News airs this very short snippet (no time for detailed information when you only have 24hrs to show the news)

This short snippet of what I assume is a porn star reading off a telepromter - she is informing us that the little girl in the Hillary Clinton 3AM advert was in fact a Barack Obama fan. Quickly she notes that she is getting "no sympathy in the blogs"

First of all, Casey was not looking for any sympathy - she wasn't complaining, in fact she simply thought it was Ironic, Fox News chose not to show you the interview, you lean Casey seems like a sweet girl, and obviously a bright active young mind. You can Watch the Casey Interivew here

As proof of this, our Porn star promter reader, reads a blog quote  "As for the young woman whose footage was legally bought and used by the Clinton campaign, tough luck, kid. Next time back a winner."

Ok...thats nice Fox News...what is your fucking point cyborgy looking douchehag. In fact, I found the "local blog poster" - er...random internet commentator

"No Sympathy in the blogs" - again the girl wasnt looking for it, and Fox News uses one random internet commentor from an internet blog as a source. Fox News is fucking up your country, you know people who watch this as if it's legitimate news, this isn't even infotainment, Fox News is bullshit and you all know it. Why the fuck is it so influential in your country? 

Should I mention that this internet commentator was part of a minority within that particular blog post, most appeared to be Barack supporters? But who they support is irrelevant, because according to the douchehag when reading Internet comments she was looking for people who were showing Sympathy for Casey, she didn't find any during her "Research" because again, Casey never asked for it, she wasnt looking for any, not once during that interview did I see her sobbing or complaining and crying out for sympathy. Fucking fox news. 

Type Casey Knowles into a search engine, who do you get - huh I get Mahalo and Videosift as the first two results. When fox does internet research do you think they look for results to broadcast on television that serve their agenda? In fact with the internet you can pick and choose any comment to make a point...dont think Fox was trying to make a point? Fuckin', click play on that fox news video again, watch her as she reveales the wonderful comments of the internets to the Fox News Audience.

This isn't the first time I've gotten upset with the 3AM advert, it's been replayed a million times since and maybe the democrats are having a referendum on fear or hope with this. Do you want to be governed by fear or hope?

Besides, who do you want answering the phone?

A: Barack Obama: Political science degree from Columbia, specializing in international relations.

B: Hillary Clinton: BA from Wellesely College, President of the Young Republicans.  

Actually, I caught this great Bill Maher clip, its from Hillary Clinton audio book and she explains how she reacted when faced with the biggest crisis of her life so far. 

Bear vs Cougar (Blog Post)

Possibly the most awesome title I ever had the pleasure in writing BTW.

I have never seen this clip before, and I have seen many a nature clip in my day.

From a new source I've never seen before - Vidipedia  Which looks interesting but hasn't been updated for over a month, so assume they didn't work out.

Bear vs Cougar. Type who you think wins before you click play. And if you want to play on a grand scale this video is free for the sifting.

*edit ok I switched to the Youtube Embed, Vidipedia wasn't working too well.

.. Also, I'm still working on the Carl Sagan Serp over at Mahalo, found an A&E Biography that some might enjoy, Actually just search Here are the Sift and find top Sagan Videos.
I was going to post the Bio here, but in my search I found this interesting clip. I submitted it to the sift in the past and don't know why it was discarded?

Where do you Social Network? (Blog Post)

I remember Dag was dabbling with the option of converting the sift into more of a social network by allowing members to befriend each other. That idea didn't really fly with the Sifters, but I am sure in this web2.0 world many of us use different types of Social Networks. I am curious where Sifters choose to Network when away from the sift.

What got me thinking of this was that I recently signed up for Twitter, (if you have it you can add me) which has proved to be pretty addicting, I originally found it useless until I added the the Twitterfox application. It's a pretty cool tool, especially for people who work online all day, surely does beats AIM. 

I feel like I've been around forever, I was once a top rated contributor on and but I have long left those websites. ln '06 I was hired by Netscape - which has since been re-branded as - It's a massive network and I am mainly behind the scenes, it's one to keep an eye on, we have some pretty promising plans coming up.

Speaking of Social Network jobs, the beauty about social networks is that if you enjoy doing it, you may not realize that your participation is worth something to somebody. The longer you do, the more likely you'll get hired.

Sifters know I bark on and on about researching the clips and profiding relevant links, well Mahalo was paying attention and last month I got hired there, I'm in week six and this project is already the best full time job I've ever had, I get to research the web. It fucking rocks, the goal is literally categorizing the entire web, using humans instead of algorithms. It's still in beta and the Social portion of the site is still being built, but Newsweek lines it up next to Google. You can befriend me here. And if you are interested in earning money by researching the web, you can see the type of research that is needed and how much money you can earn.

What else is there... Um Facebook...except I really dislike facebook because, here in Canada it appears everybody uses it. It's nice to have been connected to a lot of my old school friends from back in the day, but I also have like 7 ex-gf I didn't really want to see again and with Facebook I get reminded of them daily. Not only that dozens of high school douchebags suddenly are "friends" with me. I think I'll pass.

I may have to tear myself away from Sifting soon, I'm going to be putting much effort into Mahalo, I've been with them full time for about six weeks and I love it there. I will be tempted to promote it's research here....but it's literally the type of research I've been looking to focus my labour on. Self promotion and sifting do not mix, it's too tempting, I want to avoid a SQ in advance so I am respecfully going to step away from sifting videos.

I'm gunna continue mainting this blog, it is afterall the "new TayTV", and I have nowhere else to blog right now. It will be nice getting back to blogging basics without the pressure to that I had while under contract with AOL News. I hope the community here can accept this blog and any videos I post here will be free for you to Sift. So this, I feel is a good fit. Plus I can't leave choggie after a fight, one day, perhaps on the back of corporate funding, we will smoke that bowl my friend.

Right now I'm in the midst of building a Carl Sagan serp (let me know if you want to know how you can help) one day it should look as nice as the David Attenborough serp. Which reminds me,  I have a full queue right now, do what you will with this siftable Attenborough clip, it is a Whip Scorpion..uhoh no page...


Full Queue Freebie: Funny or Die (Blog Post)

Dag, we have to have a talk, we all know about about the Classic Will Ferrel This is the Carpet Monkey... I don't know that it has to do with MTV...But there is something about watching a monkey shoot up these guys that makes me laugh.  I have a full queue, and funny or die clips are only avail to those with the Star privilages.  I am pretty sure this will get sifted. I was tempted to discard my Corporate Clinton clip, but I think thats still important since America is going to drag out this election process.

Anyway, American elections have consumed too much of us - The Sift should consider replacing one of the old hosts (my old friend vsocial for example, the embeds dont work) and add Funny or Die for the newbs to sift, some funny shit comes out of that site. Heres Will Arnett moments before a sex machine killed him. 

David Attenborough Retires from Nature (Blog Post)

In the UK the final installment of Life in Cold Blood has aired, marking an end to an era.

The Guardian Reports

Tonight, 54 years of Attenborough globetrotting come to an end, with the final instalment of Life in Cold Blood. He will continue to make TV programmes (including a series about Darwin), but his days of going on location, of getting urinated on by birds, pooed on by bats or having a Mozambican cobra spit venom in his eye, are over. Attenborough will never whisper from the bushes again.

It's been displayed in my Videosift profile since I started here that David Attenborough (along with James Burke) are my favourite clips. You can find a great collection of Attenborough located under the Videosift Tag that bares his name, Sorted by most votes.

 The most popular Attenborough clip is the same here on the sift as it in practically every video community sharing community online. The Lyrebird... 


NIN Ghosts (Blog Post)

Yeah...I am a product of the 90's - One of the highlights of my teenage life was seeing NIN Live at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto 8 years ago. I am older now, and they put their whole damn album online, for me, the fan, I want to hug them. Anyway, it's great background music to listen too while you are online. You can listen to the whole damn Album! Fuckin EH!  (click the listen button in the subheader)


Series of Political Events (Blog Post)

An interesting series of videos played out today on the Sift. Some interesting videos for those keeping an eye on the American elections.

I've heard some Democrats are still holding onto Hillary Clinton is because they believe she will bring Bill Clinton back to the White House, understandable, years of Peace and prosperity.

Watch the latest Fear advertisment (posted on the sift) from Hillary Clinton, (not really a sign for "change" this appears more like an old trick). Luckily this is the digital age, Barack Obama was able to respond before most talking heads had a chance to tell you what to think. The response video was also posted on the sift, it can be watched here.

But I liked this quote from the New York Times.

“In fact, we have had a red phone moment,” Mr. Obama said. “It was the decision to invade Iraq. And Senator Clinton gave the wrong answer, George Bush gave the wrong answer, John McCain gave the wrong answer.”

To make this whole series of even even sweeter was if somebody posted a video from some point in the past where Bill Clinton mocks politicians who use the politics of Fear.

Ah..Thank you MrFisk

I think it's great the American Left is sending a mass message to neoconservative by voting in a black guy named Barack Hussein Obama, and everything he preaches about.

Full Queue Freebie: From Mike Gravel with Love (Blog Post)

Some of us spent the last year sifting Mike Gravel clips, we remember the Rock, we smoked weed when he spoke. He is like the wise old man who knows whats best for us all. He was(is) running for President, but we can all admit he isn't really electable. Go ahead and search for Gravel, its a wonderful journey down memory lane. Well looks like his campaign is near done, but he has gone out with a bang, he is suing a Hillary Clinton 527 group. I don't know the legal mumbo jumbo, but here is the quote


The law prohibits 527s from distributing ads that use “phrases . . . or individual words, which in context can have no other reasonable meaning than to urge the election . . . of” a particular candidate or “[w]hen taken as a whole and with limited reference to external events, such as the proximity to the election, could only be interpreted by a reasonable person as containing advocacy of the election . . . of” a particular candidate (2 U.S.C. § 431(17))
Here is the clip advert in question.. and more about it from However, This clip should be sifting gold, Mike Gravel tells Russia Today TV (wiki) what we all know, that George W Bush is going to be remembered as the worst President in history.


Documentary Oscars (Blog Post)

I don't watch the Oscars, cept for the 9 minute Jon Stewart opening. But I'm always interested in seeing who wins what.

 This year the Documentary Taxi to the Dark Side won best documentary, Trailer was sifted by Hoju recently. I started watching it tonight, it a pretty shocking film...not sure there are any good documentaries about torture. Here is a clip avail for sifting.


I also found out the previously sifted No End in Sight was a runner-up. Lawrence Wilkerson was in both of them, I started a Mahalo research page for him if anybody wants to participate, he's also been on the Colbert Report. Here is a scene from No End in Sight. The full doc was sifted by Calvados.



Other runners up includue Sicko, which helped me earn a pretty high rated sift back in 2007.

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