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Obama, Mueller and the Biggest Scam in American History

vil says...

Secret service people lie by design. The idea is if you give a lot of information people will miss the central problem.

What is wrong about a secret service listening in on a presidential candidate and his "team" who is intensely trying to collude with a foreign power? Is that not their job? If they have nothing, good for Trump. This is all just theater. Both sides. Trump is a bumbling idiot who could not collude if he was allowed to by law, no one has enough hard evidence to do anything, and the only ones laughing are the Russians. Summed up nicely at 31:30 asked what is going to happen as a consequence of "the biggest scam" the answer is "nothing".

The allusion that Trump is somehow successful in business is a joke.

From what is known Trumps team tried hard to contact and cooperate with Russians against "evil Hillary". It may be possible that the people going after him made more mistakes than the people working for Trump, but that still leaves you walking wide circles around the fact of who Trump is and what his morals, methods and friends (and relatives) are.

Keep track of what are facts and what are conspiracy theories.

Also the audio is left channel only.

TUI Boeing 757 Comes into Land SIDEWAYS in 40 KNOT CROSSWIND

vil says...

The pilots name is Brenda Riepsaame Wassink. Captain Brenda Riepsaame Wassink. Imagine being a Riepsaame Wassink and trying to come up with a name for a girl... and sticking with Brenda.

Hawk127 Fighter Jet Flies Around Buildings & Beaches-Cockpit

Yoko Ono - 'Imagine'

A Scary Time

vil says...

Totally this. Ford is convincing, but not good enough for conviction. Polygraphs mean exactly nothing.

The most interesting part of this whole story is that it provoked Kavanaugh to come out as the shitbag that he is, to show his personality. So now Americans (or specifically the people of the USA) know that this low life-form will serve forever in the highest office that decides what is moral and lawful. Good for you, nice life-lesson.

Not surprising Trump likes him.

Payback said:

I believe Dr Ford.
I think Kavanuagh is shit...
...polygraphs have been proven to be junk science.

Banksy's "Balloon Girl" shredded in the auction!

Lucas di Grassi on how quickly Formula E has evolved

vil says...

This is all fine, why not. IMHO Formula 1 is basically approaching this from the other shore most of the time.

Racing cars used to be about adrenalin, taming a beast, surviving unlikely odds and so on, an adventure for gentlemen.

In the last 40 years it has become a competition in pushing buttons, mostly.

If racing cars can have ABS, automatic gearboxes, power steering and all, why not an electric motor?

I still think it is sad and I am glad I saw F1 in the 70s.

Historically Bizarre US Open 2018 Highlights

vil says...


Many people drive fast, few get caught. No reason to complain. No coaching is a needlesly old-school rule and should be dropped IMHO.

Bernard Tomic once got called for coaching by his dad and thanked the umpire, presumably for shutting him up.

Serena has a history of verbal abuse and she is now famous for it just like McEnroe. I am glad she got called for it. There should be no place for that in any sport.

McEnroe was often punished for his antics.

Donald Trump on David Letterman 17 October, 2013

The Day Liberty Died

vil says...

6 day war under way, standing orders to sink anything that moves near the shore, unmarked ship. Either pick a side or get out of the way.

Historically Bizarre US Open 2018 Highlights

vil says...

Come on @newtboy

She was being coached, she did smash her racket, she did run her mouth.

Not every instance of coaching gets caught. Unlucky or bad execution.

Most smashings of rackets are punished.

Do men really get away with that level of verbal abuse?
I believe she in fact got a lot of leeway because she is Serena, black and at home.

Preferably she should have gotten a sterner warning first to shut up or be hit with a game penalty.

She would be out of a basketball game, football game, golf tournament. In baseball and hockey she would be mocked for being a crybaby.

Men should not get away with this childish behaviour either.

Historically Bizarre US Open 2018 Highlights

The Economic Collapse Of China! Signs Of China's Failing Eco

vil says...

China has enormous volume and inertia. Even if rich chinese stop getting richer quickly, there will be masses of poor chinese trying to make it out of poverty into the middle classes driving the world economy for decades to come. Unless something unexpected breaks down badly.

A trade war will hurt the US worse and faster, it just has more to lose.

A Bowl Of Peanut Oil Catches 7 Mice In 1 Night

vil says...

Dood relax their jus mice okey.

Much obliged.

Mice trespassed and got off lightly. Another animal would have eaten them, no qualms.

Bundesliga commentary animated as everyday situations

vil says...

Blocked for me, blocked in germany, for US eyes only. Why do they do this if it is so easy to bypass?

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