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Rachel Maddow breaks down .. report on 'tender age' shelters

John Oliver - Trump and Kim

vil says...

No comments? Seriously? How do you explain this away? Is the self proclaimed master negotiator really just an uneducated macho malicious wannabe dictator?

He is not clinically stupid and seems to have a limited set of social skills but he appears to be totally oblivious. He has the words (also a limited set), but he does not know things.

Which sane first world person could possibly consider the man in this video to be a viable community leader?

The only rational explanation I can come up with is that god has a sense of humour. Something is not right.

FOX's take on border separations

vil says...

The twist to try to blame Obama for this is pure evil genius. Had to watch a second time to catch that trick.

This is actually a pretty interesting video overall, just happens to be a video of an evil asshole and his friends and guests.

Basically the radical Trumpist position is that it is OK to hurt children (or anyone) for a political cause and it is everybody elses (ie democrats) fault that they dont respond to blackmail faster.

I think its a shame these videos get downvoted so readily. Not quite the holocaust, but enough of a warning.

A Closer Look: Trump Meets Kim Jong-un

vil says...

Exactly. Meeting Kim is the one thing that Trump has done that on the surface looks good. There is no conclusive evidence about any real results, AFAIK Kim did not promise anything new while Trump made concessions, but Trump fans are happy because their star appears to have scored.

I say good for you, I for one hope that pronounced achievements really get accomplished, that peace will be made and US gets to invest in NK, private ownership and human rights get established, people there get to eat, and everyone will live happily ever after.

However I am not sure that China, NK, SK, Japan and Russia consider this meeting anything more than a fleeting episode in a long struggle over bits and pieces of the far east. Trumps come and go and say things.

So now he is friends with two dictators, one has personally pledged not to interfere with US elections and another has promised not to nuke the US. That would be better if those same dictators had a history of keeping their promises.

Spacedog79 said:

All I can hear is the sound of straws being grasped at trying to find a way that this doesn't look good for Trump. I'm hearing the same thing everywhere, what is wrong with people?

Look I'm no Trump fan (I despise Hillary but then people who start wars generally piss me off), but can't we all just admit he did a good thing? I for one hope he does more of it.

Why 350°F is the magic number for baking

Fox News Host Calls Trump-Kim a Meeting of ‘Two Dictators'

Chasing Cheese Down A Hill Is Dangerous

Second Ellicott City 'Thousand Year Storm' in 2 years

vil says...

Is it possible that we have missed important signs of global warming wherever it has caused local weather to be uncharacteristically mild and pleasant for extended periods of time?

It actually takes three of these events in close succession to make any claim that orthodox thousand year periods were violated. Perhaps it took a thousand years to wait for the first one, and now it will not happen for another thousand years again. Who knows.

Nirvana Were a Feminist Band

vil says...

At least they are "about", anyone can interpret freely.

I mean assholes will be assholes no matter what.

MilkmanDan said:

...Might even interpret the songs as being pro instead of anti?...

Pixies - Velouria

Liberal Redneck - Nuclear Dealbreaker

vil says...

No he did not.

This is really circular if all the definition of "right" you have is that Donald did it and all the definition of "wrong" is that Obama did.

What is the positive outcome we should be looking forward to?

bobknight33 said:

Again Trump did the right thing.

Trump Supporters Think He Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

Liberal Redneck - Nuclear Dealbreaker

vil says...

I understand that you (Bob) and Donald agree that what Obama did was wrong. And so it was doubly wrong of "Liberals" to have supported him so blindly. That is a legitimate though biased point of view which I would be foolish to argue against for it is your belief.

In that case please enligten us about what are you two aiming to achieve by throwing excrement in the general direction of a fan?

What is the plan? What can the US propose that Iran IS going to ratify? Will Iran (and North Korea and China and, come to think of it, any country) have any interest to make a new deal with the USofA, if they either brag and throw insults or sulk and walk away?

Complying (for the most part) voluntarily was a resonable step in the right direction for both Iran and the US, how does trashing this agreement help? I mean how does it help anyone except Donald in the short term by pleasing fanboys?

Donald usually avoids stating aims (or makes multiple confusing proclamations) and then claims any outcome as a victory. What is a victory in your scenario - regime overthrow? change of Iranian public attitudes towards "America"? a more friendly "supreme leader"? a different ruling moslem faction? or maybe fluctuating oil prices? restructuring of oil field ownership?

Obama limited this to nuclear weapons, seems like a good idea in retrospect, frankly.

Rudy Giuliani Keeps Making Things Worse for Trump

vil says...

It is all very simple, calm down and stop asking questions, sheeple.
Rudy and Donald are not experts on facts, they are experts on stirring up shit to cover shit stirred up previously. The pile inevitably keeps growing.

Liberal Redneck - Nuclear Dealbreaker

vil says...

So it IS just the Donald making a mess of things (again) for a personal peeve, I was not sure, thanks for confirming.

What next, mass imports of east european women? All US embassies converted to Trump Towers? Do we get a wall (or a war?) somewhere in Europe next? Follow the tweets!

Maybe not, maybe its all just some oil price hike scheme.

bobknight33 said:

Donald Trump isn’t ripping up a treaty; he’s walking away from Barack Obama’s personal pledge.

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