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Michael Palin in North Korea - Special Edition

vil says...

North Koreans are not evil, they are human, just the regime is evil, the institutions, the people running the institutions, they are fairly high on the evil scale. Friends with Trump though.

Makes no sense to feel sorry for them if they, as a state, can and do build rockets that fly out past Japan and keep an army... yadda yadda yadda...

Automation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

vil says...

Maybe if half your jobs will be gone, you can either work half the time or make twice as much?

Its not like people will be forbidden from doing something useful just because some work will be done by robots.

How Technology Destroyed The Truth

Michael Cohen Testifies to Congress: A Closer Look

vil says...

Kim looks embarassed to be associated with Trump.

On the other hand collecting personal life dirt on Trump seems like a waste of time, too easy, too much available, not much value. All the important stuff seems to be hearsay.

Where is this heading? Will we find out that Trump is an immoral uneducated self centered asshole? Ok. Can he be impeached for that? Idk. Is this just a part of 2020? Could backfire badly.

Michael Palin in North Korea - Special Edition

English vs. German vs. Swiss German (Zurich and Valais)

Trump publicly blows his cover for national emergency

vil says...

26 dead people a mile away? He just makes stuff up from misread Fox feeds from yesterday. That is his sole source of numbers. He IS losing it.

Why You Should Care About the Plastic in Your Poop

T-34 Tank Battle Scene

AOC Exposes The Dark Side - "Let's Play A Game"

vil says...

If you are rich you obviously need to steal more to make stealing meaningful.

Also if you are hiding that you are not so rich you need to steal more.

On the other hand the girl has glaring holes in her logic but a very good sales technique. Now who does that remind me of?

president trump announces a new and better national anthem

vil says...

No, no, Bob is not Russian, and he is not a professional troll.

He is a voluntary contributor. Happy working for free.

Trump on the other hand is a professional troll and his next wife is probably going to be Serbian, the one after that Bulgarian, then across the Black sea to marry a sultry young Russian model.

And then the Russian connection will be complete and Trump will be eligible to become, after his second term as POTUS, president of the USSR. Yes it will be called that. Yes Putin will be Generalissimus.

Drachen_Jager said:

You're wrong.
@bobknight33 is not a Russian Troll.

Wernher von Braun explains the possibility to reach the Moon

vil says...

Slide rule FTW.

Nylon Rope! Atomic Reactor!

Fire flare rockets from moon orbit! This is awesome!

The deadliest accident in motorsport history

The Quote That Illustrates Everything Wrong With Trump

The Dude drinks beer now

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