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Why Isn't Cycling Normal in London?

Brian Cox explains Entropy

vil says...

Naah its just really unlikely (and difficult to define), of course you would need an infinitely variable wind source, stochastic sand generator and random humidifier/dryer to get a good result.

Wind on a beach is not nearly random enough.

Sagemind said:

Well, the wind could NOT EVER...

ayn rand and her stories of rapey heroes

vil says...

No no no, being inspired by her, by itself, is indeed less offensive than being inspired by Hitler, the consequences are less dire.

But having the gall to admit publicly that you are inspired by her unconditionally is equally as bad as .. substitute Adolf where applicable.

By doing either you admit to be a self-conscious antisocial asshole.

I understand that reading her book can accidentally shove you in a better direction than before, and that is very unlikely in the other scenario, I give you that.

I was inspired by Vladimir Mayakovsky and Che Guevara for what thats worth :-)

So a general all-encompassing nod to her is just like a general nod to any evil. And you dont get out of that by quantifying evil and making it relative.

A Noble Spirit Embiggens The Smallest Man (The Simpsons)

The result of our obsession with plastic

ayn rand and her stories of rapey heroes

vil says...

She was passionately in favor of her own ideas about capitalism, reason, science, and her own individual rights as opposed to a functioning society, philosophical debate, actual science and other peoples rights.

It is strange how people mention her as inspiration offhandedly, basically that is like saying "you know there is this rather clever idea in Mein Kampf" because her whole work is pointed in the direction of "being an asshole is good for you" (which is really pretty obvious, is it not?). A functional society should be able to contain or expel assholes. Ayn being taken seriously is a warning sign.

heropsycho said:

... She was passionately in favor of capitalism, reason, science, and individual rights. ...

Trump's Brand is Ayn Rand

Trump Discusses Guns; Hicks, Kushner and Carson Under Fire

vil says...

Is that Sessions at 4:30, impressed mightily by Carsons kindergarten level argument? LOL

How Big is Honda? [Largest Motorbike Producer]

all governments lie:truth,lies and the spirit of I.F stone

Trump- Democrats UnAmerican, Treasonous For Not Clapping

vil says...

That could not happen in Russia or North Korea or China. Much better organized countries, they are.

'Eta Kolkata Dada' | A visual 'Trip' of Kolkata | Sondesh

New Rule: Distinction Deniers

vil says...

Try watching American Beauty from the new cultural perspective, there is definitely a new layer of meaning.

bareboards2 (Member Profile)

vil says...

I take all that to heart.

In my native language and for me any woman under my age is a girl AND any man or woman taking part in sports and games is a boy or girl. They would be greeted and befriended in a much less formal manner than, for example during an opera performance intermission in the theatre hallway or in a workplace setting. For me girls running around on skis with guns are girls, I dont think of them as world class athletes but as ordinary people doing something enjoyable and rewarding.

I have trouble being entirely serene in the face of political correctness, so do feel free to correct my errors if I am found wanting in this area, even if I sometimes may appear to not take things seriously. Just a disclaimer.

"Edit this video" is now hidden in a menu that appears when you hover over your name above your video (Eric told me). Thanks.

bareboards2 said:

Ah! Excuse me for being vague.

Girl is a young person. Age 17 or less.

A woman is a world class athlete.

If you want to fix it, look for the words "edit this video" underneath the video, bottom left.

Click on that and you can fix your description. If you want to.

Nice show of sportswomanship

vil says...

Please excuse my English, how? Is it just the apostrophe? Apostrophes on a Czech keyboard are a pain. Also, I humbly admit, I have no idea how to edit that text now :-(

And she definitely let the other girl go, also I am not aware of any tradition of this happening regularly in biathlon or cross-country skiing when sticks break or are lost due to contact.

bareboards2 said:

fix that "one girl steps on another girl's stick"

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