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Monkey Rides a Young Boar

thinkmusic says...

wow any idea *why* the money is holding on to a pig?

...because the BABY monkey, like all baby monkeys, instinctively grabs on to his mother. Newborns will cling to the mother's belly; older infants often ride on her back. So here you have a video of a baby monkey who's obviously been taken from its mother, whose need for constant physical contact and warmth is so strong that he's clinging to the boar. The boar is basically acting as a surrogate mother to him and that explains why he's so upset when he falls off and starts running after the boar. Of course it also explains why he settles down as soon as he's able to grab onto the boar again.

Sorry to say but there's nothing funny about the video when you really think about it. It's quite sad actually.

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