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We're Not Gonna Take It - Mariah Carey Christmas Special

Wingsuit Flying Into An Active Volcano

surfingyt says...

was thinkin it would suck more to be those people standing there on the rim waiting

cloudballoon said:

It's not like he went reaaaaaaaaaally deep into the volcano? Just a few metres. So the angle of attack is nothing dramatic.

Make no mistake and means no disrespect -- it's extremely dangerous and takes guts -- but it's not "difficult" for a pro to do right?

A Good Day To Die Hard - Official Trailer #3

Weekend Update With Norm Macdonald

Kansas City Police Officer Found Guilty In 2019 Killing

How the mRNA vaccines work


Gun Laws: Jon Stewart Interview w/ Former ATF David Chipman

surfingyt says...

so typical of boob to assume its low number and get wrecked by facts again. love watching him lose over and over and over. looooossssseeeeeerrrrrr lol

Senator Big Bird VS Ted Cruz

Trump, GOP To NUKE Reps Who Voted For Biden's Bill

surfingyt says...

thoroughly enjoying trump destroying republicants party into one of only blind loyalty to him. bewb yall weak-minded sheep lol!

KDLT-TV 1999ft tower being climbed

Parrot Photobombs Highway Traffic Cam...

Taiwan: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

surfingyt says...

Trump saluted a North Korean general. If you still like that traitor after that you're a f-ckin loser of epic proportion.

Clever Humpback Whale Pops Up for a Snack

Rise Of The Nazis | Episode 1

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