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chris hedges-calling out the christian heretics and fascists

Book of Mormon: Party Bus Edition

welcome to your indoctrination-have a seat

steama says...

We are taught everything you mentioned through life. School is to educate through science rather than religion. Accept that this is the end of faith you parrot. Please stop your video productions — you are not saying anything original at all and it is a waste of time. PONTIFICATION.

In order to learn you have to stop believing and keep your head out of your ass at the same time. I cannot find your head anywhere.

Reverend Billy -- Shopocalypse is upon us

The Truth about Atheism

The Real Reason Mitt Romney Will Not Be Elected As President

Christian Hypocrisy in Christmas Carol Song

steama says...

That gave me a headache! It's just so much easier not believing in any of that tripe. I'd rather sit back, relax, and not stress about mythology.

Waiting for Armageddon

Optician Gone Mad - CNN

Child sings homophobic song at church, is applauded by crowd

Secularism - A Short Film

Grandparents For Marriage Equality

Santorum: I Don't Believe in Separation of Church and State

steama says...

Santorum is a TYRANT.
Santorum is a DECEIVER and a LIAR.

This man twists words to support his tyrannical ideology. His mind has been consumed by the religion virus.

Rick Santorum and people like him is why AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE THE PROTECTION of separation of church and state.

Posthumous Mormon Baptism

steama says...

In order to be a Mormon you have to accept things that simply are not true. You must be a willing victim of brainwashing and have knowingly accepted infection by the Mormon strain of the Religion Psyche Virus.

Obama Has a Reptilian Implanted in the Back of his Head

steama says...

I have the same implant as Obama. In fact I saw him coming out of his procedure as I was going into mine. My alien implant's name is Dargrolla the horrible. I have grown totally accustomed to my alien implant. I attribute my easy adjustment to Jagermeister on my Capn' Crunch and having been a vampire for about 13.5 years.

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