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Completely Erase Entire Comments from People You're Ignoring (Sift Talk Post)

speechless says...

^ this is fucking hilarious to me and proves how stupid this new iteration of the ignore feature is, as some people are so retarded they can't help but to reply or talk about people even if they can't see their comments. Apparently the mere mention of my name in a thread is a "trigger".

Don't worry about it. Everything is fine. Just keep circle jerking yourselves down the drain. What's left? 20 people? What a damn shame.

Norm Macdonald Gets All Choked Up On His Final Letterman

speechless says...

I don't really understand the last sentence you wrote. How did I "indicate it being an action of opposition"?

I think you're being unfair to Letterman.

If you want to be empathetic then try to understand the people and not just their actions. They are performers. This is their profession. Dave saw that Norm was having a breakdown in his performance on stage (he was barely able to speak) and rescued him.

Yes, you're right, people shouldn't have to be embarrassed about an honest emotional display of affection, I totally agree. But, I'm pretty sure the audience got it and didn't need to see Dave & Norm crying in each others arms to drive the point home.

Also, try to understand, they weren't both in the same emotional state. Norm knew what he was going to say, Dave did not. Sometimes when people are confronted with praise like that they downplay it. Norm said it himself... "No truck for the sentimental"

I think Dave was blown away by this, and hardly knew how to react. That's how I saw it anyways. The whole thing was very sweet. And Norm killed his set.

Or ... maybe it's not that complicated lol. The show was just over and Dave had to say goodnight.

poolcleaner said:

Well, that would leave me speechless, were I to care about anyone who would feel embarrassment over this. If Letterman did that to spare embarassment, he should be embarrassed, and I don't believe it.

Another person crying for you is excellent. Humbling and GOOD for all -- including an audience that desperately needs this truth of being. It's humanizing. It's deeply rooted in being emotionally TOGETHER, not as you would indicate it being an action of opposition.

Completely Erase Entire Comments from People You're Ignoring (Sift Talk Post)

speechless says...

I'm going to stick with the teeth metaphor and say that maybe the dentist should have performed some extractions when he saw rotting teeth. Or maybe enacted some dental cleaning regimen. Then patients wouldn't have to be given some morphine button to press to ignore the pain they can't manage to ignore.

Metaphor aside, this was a feature I asked for a long time ago too, but looking back on it I realize I was wrong. You can't just ignore problems.

lucky760 said:

True, but not applicable here. In this context that kind of equates to:

"Never have sex and you'll get pregnant amyway."

To mix metaphors even further, my point is: there *is* no spoon.

Norm Macdonald Gets All Choked Up On His Final Letterman

speechless says...

I think Letterman saw Norm was struggling to hold it together emotionally and quickly cut it off to spare him any embarrassment.

EMPIRE said:

damn... letterman is really an emotionless drone. Norm's really emotional and doesn't even get a hug.

Completely Erase Entire Comments from People You're Ignoring (Sift Talk Post)

speechless says...

Ignore sore teeth long enough and there won't be any teeth left.

bareboards2 said:

You know when you have a bruise or a sore tooth and you can't stop yourself from touching it? Ouch ouch ouch, and yet you keep touching it.

This is a grand solution to short circuit our human foible of torturing ourselves with completely avoidable pain.

Thank you.

Is the Sift outdated? (User Poll by GenjiKilpatrick)

speechless says...

It's not just this poll. I wish it was.

It only takes 18 votes now to get you into the awesome "Top 15" at VideoSift.

That is a very popular video with over 5 million views on youtube. But it's been sitting here for over 2 days and only has only 18 votes.

Top 15. With 74 unique views.

Well maybe the Sift is too erudite to buy into bland popularity.

The number one video right now has only 49 votes:

How about this?

37 votes total. 3 weeks ago. The number One Sift on the Sift.

Can we agree there is a problem here?

ChaosEngine said:

or maybe people just don't care about the poll?

Is the Sift outdated? (User Poll by GenjiKilpatrick)

'Do you hear that bass Mom?'

speechless says...

Did he downvote your comment?

Well, he banned my fucking account.

Because ummm, one of his sockpuppets was upset?

So, he gets to completely abuse his power here banning others and gets to create sock puppets, and the only downside is his sockpuppet gets banned?

Why is he still here? Why are so many people not here anymore? I wonder if there's a connection.

lucky760 said:

Nice comment down-vote, @BoneRemake. I guess you're not familiar with the song, eh?

TYT - GOP Leaders Betray U.S. By Writing Letter to Iran

Smarter Every Day - Facebook Freebooting

speechless says...

Except Facebook doesn't pay you for your views, and YouTube does.

Babymech said:

I like how this portrays Youtube as an invisible, naturally occurring resource for the people, when it actually, like Facebook, is just a megacorporation that has profited immensely from copyright infringement, or whatever euphemism you want to slap on it.

From thug to responsible adult in one tenth of a fluid ounce

Baby Goat Trying To Be A Tough Guy

speechless says...

Besides how cute it is, and it is super cute, I just want to understand what is going on here.

So animals have emotions or am I anthropomorphizing? It's amazing to me when I see inter-species animals connect this way. This mare being so patient and nurturing. Dogs adopting kittens etc. I don't know, the more I think about it, the more I think I should go vegetarian, but I do love a juicy steak. If dogs and cats and horses have emotions, don't cows?

edit .. I probably shouldn't include cats. Jury is still out on if they have their own agenda in all this or not.

edit 2 .. not saying we should eat cats.

Sex Ed teacher gets around no condom demo law

speechless says...

It's interesting to me that the same people who are anti-contraceptive (and against sex-education or availability of contraceptives) are also the same people who are anti-abortion.

How do they not see the correlation between unwanted pregnancy and abortion? And yet, they don't want any more "welfare moms" either? /confused.

You should learn a little respect... Officer says

speechless says...

I originally came back to this thread to apologize to you for being so harsh last night, but reading your response I just have to say...

The fucking guy FLED after the cop pulled up to help. What part of that do you not understand? YOU are the one having a problem with logic and reason and maybe just a basic understanding of reality.

There is no shortage of actual police abuse/misconduct videos out there! This is not one of them!

On a side note, you might think of yourself as being polite and reasonable but you have been condescending from the get go. And that's fucking funny to me. Good luck fighting with cops on the side of the road.

Audra was pulled over and given two tickets...

speechless says...

Well that's a relief. I was getting the silly thought in my head that you were using his account to cast votes for yourself, since his votes were generally cast within seconds of you submitting a sift. Glad to know that's not the case! Sorry for the bother your grand mintness!

mintbbb said:

@speechless Net hasn't been interested in getting involved in a LONG time now. I have told him that Choggie isn't around any more, but that hasn't changed his mind. I think he just burned himself with arguing here or something. Personally I am happy he isn't getting upset over VS stuff any more.

I also don't think he has access to VS from work any more like he used to.

I don't sift much any more, but when I do, I nudge him towards my unsifted queue, and he's kind enough to just check it out/upvote either before going to work or at lunch. Since it bothers you, I won't ask him any more.

I doubt he wants to start sifting again, but I'll let him know he's missed.

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