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Team Building Employee Fun!?

Coach explains that there is more to life than the game

sirex says...

On the one hand. the birth of a kid is far more important than a sports event. On the other hand, many things are more important than a sports event.

My first and hopefully last tree landing.

Betsy Devos Embarrassed by Sen. Al Franken

Samantha Bee on Orlando - Again? Again.

Samantha Bee on Orlando - Again? Again.

sirex says...

you should. True story, I flew from San fran to Auckland. In san fran i had my bags searched, my hands swabbed by guys with guns for drugs, a full body scan and shitty looks off security guards. Landing in auckland i got "ayyy bro, did you see the (rugby) game ? We smashed 'em!".

I live in NZ. Its fucking awesome.

Mordhaus said:

I've not been to NZ

Samantha Bee on Orlando - Again? Again.

Incredible answer on British "Countdown" gameshow

sirex says...

Yup, != not equal (in programming) sometimes written as <> but less people know that one.

Rules are you don't have to use all numbers but you can't reuse numbers and it has to be just * / + - (I think square root isn't allowed)

newtboy said:

What are the rules? Can each number only be used once, and do you have to use all the numbers?
If you can use numbers more than once, and don't need to use them all, then (3+6)*100+50+(6/3)

and @sirex....100*100 >1000....9000 greater. You seemingly made the same mistake @theneb did....or is != your way of writing 'not equal to'?

Incredible answer on British "Countdown" gameshow

The Bose Suspension In Action

Running from a huge 'sneaker' wave

Here's Why You Need Winter Tires As Shown By A Tricycle

sirex says...

i wonder if it needs to be wet and slushy more and get really into all the joints and metalwork, rather than really cold and dry causing the salt to bounce around a lot ?

00Scud00 said:

For me, winter means you don't drive like you do during the rest of the year, it's how I learned to drive and so it's what I'm used to. I did buy cheap all season tires recently and I do have some regrets there, just not enough to stop using them. I don't consider myself to be all that great a driver, it's mostly just patience and paying attention.
I guess I'm not rich enough for a winter only car, but I drove a Dodge Neon for a dozen years or so and at the end it only had a little rust. While I have no doubt that winter is hell on cars, I suspect that sometimes the rust factor might be a bit exaggerated.

Impressive Indoor Sky Flying Routine (vertical wind tunnel)

if blizzard were 100% honest with us

Palin Blaming Obama For Her Son Beating His Girlfriend

sirex says...

i'm more impressed that they keep finding them from somewhere. George bush made america the laughing stock of the world for 8 years and yet they're trying hard to put anouther idiot (trump, palin) back in again ? what the hell ?

newtboy said:

It's astonishing to me that 'conservatives' chose as their mouthpiece someone who can't form a complete sentence or thought, and who does any mental gymnastic necessary to shirk any and all responsibilities.

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