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Clever Document Encoding System That The NSA Can't Decipher.

The First Taste - Kids try foods for the first time

The French Connection (1971) Car Chase Scene

WTF n' Cheese

Claycats: A Raid

Old guy's laugh totally upstages comedian (@1:15)

Evacuated Tube Transport: Around the World in 6 Hours

shole says...

as said in the video, the cars don't move by sucking it through a straw, but by magnetic levitation
they draw the air out of the tubes and use magnets to speed it up, which is very efficient due to lack of air friction
there's a ton of problems with this though
it would need to be (relatively) airtight and stable throughout
that can't be too cheap, whatever the material
constant maintenance
what if there was an external accident that dents the tube, like a failing support structure, and the train-car later comes to that dent at this huge speed?
it would be worse than a plane coming apart midair

great for scifi, but i don't see it being reality any time soon

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Opening Title Sequence

The Only Man In The World Who Can Swim With A Polar Bear

Awesome Frisbee Trick Shots

shole says...

I'll never understand the appeal of these videos.
Patience does not equal skill.
If they did it in one go I'd be properly impressed, but the works of Shakespeare can be produced by a monkey on a keyboard given enough time.
I'm impressed that they didn't get kicked out for messing around in the hall.


Finland's Revolutionary Education System -- TYT

shole says...

A Finn here too. \o/
There's a few tiny nitpicks in the video;
-There's no standardized testing at all.
Only test one could call standard would be the entry exams to universities, and other higher tier schools.
It's one exam (per field of study) you do and put a list of schools you want to get into, in order of preference.

Which brings me to an important omission;
-All universities and vocational schools and others are free.
It's kind of implied by 'public', but just to make it clear.
Pass the entry tests and you're good. (lower level graduation required)
This brings a lot of foreign students in too.
There's also a set amount of financial support in exchange for course credits, well enough for several degrees.
It's always mindblowing to think that families save up for tuition.

A Unique use for soapstone

shole says...

yea, these have been around for a while now; teraforma

It's a fun idea but it's not a replacement.
Ice doesn't absorb heat, so the drink stays the same temperature the entire time any ice exists, but the rock starts warming up immediately, slowly warming the drink with it.
The user has to choose if he wants to keep his drink cold or undiluted.
Also, cheap imitations give out dust, so get the real deal or check user reviews.

9 Year Old Boy Tased -- Wouldn't Go To School

shole says...

wow, someone in power actually realizing police are not immune.
now how do we get this for stations with more than five guys on the payroll?

Join the Coffee Achievers! (Weird1984 coffee ad with Bowie)

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