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How Do You Say Pecan?

Lesley the Pony has an A+ Day

Chevy Small-Block Rebuild Time-lapse

Chappie Full trailer

Chappie Full trailer

schlub says...

What do you consider to be no accent? The way you speak? Newsflash: you have an accent too - everyone does...

ChaosEngine said:

WTF is up with Hugh Jackmans weird mullet thing??
And why does the robot have a south african accent (why would a robot have ANY accent)?

Why? Because movies...

Now that's cleared up.... looking forward to this. Should be entertaining.

Cave Digging Artist Finds Inspiration Underground

Star Wars the Force awakens official teaser

schlub says...

Never been a huge fan of star wars to begin with, but after George Lucas anally raped the series with those bleedingly awful "prequels", I have hated star wars ever since. So, I remain skeptical about whether this one will be any better.

Shootout in Parliament Building

schlub says...

Yes. People really are that stupid.

bcglorf said:

Canadian here. Our national news coverage on CBC has a comments section that is... terrifying. The top 3 liked comments are all decrying the Canadian Prime Minister for causing this and making Canada a target through his participation in the fight against ISIL. Are people truly that stupid or are there troll bots upvoting stuff like that?

Real Life Hoverboard

Everything Wrong with Spiderman 2 in 13 Minutes or Less

Killing Kathryn Janeway

Squirrel thwarted by Vaseline

Cop Fishing: Revenue Collection Trap

schlub says...

Good old biased cop-hating video sift users. Yeah, what a money scheme! Nothing at all to do with enforcing traffic laws. Nope. Not at all.. those drivers that don't stop for people in or at crosswalks are totally the innocent ones here. *sigh*

The Simpsons vs. Family Guy

#LikeAGirl -- attitudes exposed and transformed

schlub says...

Source, or GTFO

Drachen_Jager said:

Actually, female anatomy actually forces women to throw differently from men. the joints don't move the same and force a more awkward motion. So, "throwing like a girl/woman" is simply an accurate expression.

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