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Run DMC and Jam master J

Scary flight cancels high wind landing (BA, Gibraltar)

Pool Table

How Cockroaches Use Karate Kicks ...

Ain't no wall high enough

Introducing Tesla Dog Mode

rich_magnet says...

Teslas are pretty much invincible in Dog Mode with the Rise of the Triad of electric drive, AI and good PR.

6-Year-Old Explains How Her Entire Life Has Been Put On FB


Thai PSA: Boss Da Market

UCLA Gymnast gets perfect 10

Bamboo Furniture Making

Don’t Show Mexico This Video of Trump From 2004

Dice duel God of Gamblers Du shen 1989

Attempted Bicycle Theft At Gladstone Police Station

rich_magnet says...

Most cops seriously could not give 2 shits about bikes being stolen in front of them. It's not their job to deal with bike theft; it's an insurance issue. I bet this guy doesn't even get charged with attempted theft.

Olena UUTAi Shaman lady

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