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Jesus fails at Crossfit

David Attenborough Narrates Girlfriend Getting Ready

You know what isn't sweet

Gun Control Explained by Mr Bean

Extended Death Star Conference Room Scene

Russian man tries to beat closing time with tank

rich_magnet says...

What, no "In Soviet Russia..." jokes? I'll get us started.

In Soviet Russia, time closink you.
In Soviet Russia, drunk tank throw you.


Just try and roll a Tesla model X over

Sulfur Mound Fire

rich_magnet says...

But vertically, we could see the whole scope of the fire twisters.

Fantomas said:

Clearly Satan made them film this vertically, because it would have made much more sense to film it horizontally based on the spread out nature of the fire.

Custom Prosthetics Make Everyday Tasks Easier

rich_magnet says...

Curious how they didn't show operation of a light saber. I thought that would be an obvious win for such amputees.

Thailand Cutting Competition

rich_magnet says...

Impressive. Also, note for those wearing headphones. Turn the volume UP to appreciate the amazing commentary.

Paintball Flamethrower

True Facts : Carnivorous Plants


No Excuses (Dance Video)

...but can it run Doom?

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