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So THAT'S why power companies are supposed to trim trees

rich_magnet says...

Interesting how there is a jacob's ladder effect. It appears the main arc is branch-branch and the arc rises in the smoky plasma, as with a jacob's ladder.

It's not easy to be a tram driver.

rich_magnet says...

GPS info say some of these shots are in Minsk.
Insert "In Soviet Russia" jokes here. I'll get you all started:

"In formerly soviet Belarus, capitalist trolly car steer you."

Armadillo Cargo Bike With Hydrogen Fuel Cell, 300 km range

Screaming Marmot

AI Software Puts Gal Gadot In Fake Porn!

Plumbus X

rich_magnet says...

I hear if you drop it it cost at least $250 to replace the broken dingle-bop. I'm not buying into this scam. I'm sticking with my open-source DIY clonebus.

Category: Living Thing

I do not fear your barrier!

Only in Idaho

Meet SpotMini

rich_magnet says...

Wow, Sony. Your Aibo 2 is too little too late. Or should I say that about Boston Dynamics? At any rate, I for one welcome the technology race to build a robotic stand-in for puppies worldwide.

Doing the Mario Calculaton

John Oliver - Confederacy

Russian Birch Dance

Russian Birch Dance

rich_magnet says...

Spectacular! Bravo! I'm also intrigued by how they are all the same height and very nearly the same build. Must be some challenging audition requirements.

Unexpected surprise sitting in bike path

rich_magnet says...

Bah. Should have just bunny-hopped it. Although, there was bearly enough time to react. Could have had grizzly consequences. What? Don't like my black humour? I'm just ursine around.

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