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I Want To Be Evil! Eartha Kitt

Star Trek Tech Support

poolcleaner says...

I told you about strawberry fields
You know the place where nothing is real
Well here's another place you can go
Where everything flows
Looking through the bent backed tulips
To see how the other half lives
Looking through a glass onion
I told you about the walrus and me, man
You know that we're as close as can be, man
Well here's another clue for you all
The walrus was Paul
Standing on the cast iron shore, yeah
Lady Madonna trying to make ends meet, yeah

Damn, I wish I owned that 2250s collection. All I got is a 1950s collection. :=(

Zatoichi vs Akatsuka

poolcleaner says...

Better than skinemax -- not to say I haven't watched plenty of those movie late at night hahaha!

Funnily enough Zatoichi is a masseuse because of his affiliations with the zakuza and being blind; essentially he can't find any other work due to social stigmas and is picked on for the nature of his lower class status. The lower class status which thrusts criminality and an association with sexuality upon him.

Being a masseuse is associated with being a prostitute, therefore he is disregarded even more so.

So your natural inclination to be amused and associate that profession with sex is almost proof of a portion of Zatoichi's struggle.

The struggle against those whose tendency is to mock rather than perceive.

TheFreak said:

"Blind Masseuse" sounds like Cinemax late night movie.

Impeachara ®

Ryan Gosling's mother poses Colbert a Tolkien teaser

Zatoichi vs Akatsuka

poolcleaner says...

I watched several of the original blind masseuse flicks during IFC's Samurai Saturday, but haven't seen the newest movie. Added to list.

Tribesmen in the Amazon React to Images of the Western World

poolcleaner says...

This is how the white man goes to war --

Excuse me, do you by chance happen to um you know have any large sources and/or surpluses of precious resources?

1. No, ok bye. You need religion and economic aid for your local warlords to exploit and starve you.

2. Yes, ok you're bad and you believe in bad things. Anglo Saxons to the rescue -- if you don't like progress and [INSERT POLITICAL IDEOLOGY HERE], prepare to die -- or maybe be tortured and interned while we figure out what the hell our long term plan is.

Hey Jimbo, what's our short term plan?

Hell if i know. Here's a term stolen from the Chinese and reinterpreted to mean whatever the hell we want it to mean --- GUNG HO!!!!!! And here's a new one: SHOCK & AWEEEE-yeeaah! Oooooooooohhhhhh... *Hillary Clinton looking at balloons in wonderment -- Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra*

Why cultures that lose their wiser elders get into trouble

poolcleaner says...

@SFOGuy False positive. This is not the type of serious brawl that occurs when there is a severe lack of parenting in a particular neighborhood.

The "wise elder" in the video is proof of this -- he wouldn't have been able to so easily break up a fight if your anthropological study were at all accurate. The kids know they're in the wrong. They just don't like being laughed at by their "friends".

I've also never heard of a culture where teenagers don't get into fights after school and where classmates don't use peer pressure to bully less aware students into fighting. This is a classic scene from countless middle class neighborhoods, white or black.

When their yuppie parents see this video, I can almost guarantee some asses will be red. Unless they're the kind of ultra liberal parents that don't believe in punishment -- then I may be inclined to agree with you in part.

Rock & Roll

poolcleaner says...

This is a nightmare reality that serves as a warning. I'm not sure what that warning is exactly but it left me screaming and doing aerobics, hanging garlic on my windowsills and slathering my entire porch in lamb's blood.

-- and I'm a vegan.

Fantomas said:

When the world feels a bit too normal, Cool 3D World is the perfect antidote.

Bill Plympton's Couch Gag

poolcleaner says...

Plymptoons used to freak me the f out. They're still super creepy, as is his animation of the Simpsons couch intro.

First time I ever saw one of his animations was featured in a Spike & Mike animation festival collection (VHS), his shorts about how to kiss LOL. I'm pretty sure they're here on the Sift but I'm lazy. Submit, Ctrl+W, Next.

Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Goode

The basics of BASIC, the programming language of the 1980s.

poolcleaner says...

Yes, i believe so. My family had a number of writable cartridge computers. There was always dozens of computers lying around spanning generations. After a point though, they ended up in the garage and now its the modern age. But back in the day, we had such a range of old computers lying around. it was like an episode of hoarders but all technology. lol

ant said:


The basics of BASIC, the programming language of the 1980s.

Weird Al" Yankovic - Amusement

poolcleaner says...

Wait, that's just life though right? Are you not amused?? *BLAM -- the sound of a hammer hitting a nail that feels like a nerve and bleeds like a nose smiling back up with a thousand screams* And don't you dare step off that teacup. Don't you ever. Just open your mouth and HURL into the face of an onlooker. Enjoying yourself by the sidelines? Wait until I step off the ride and throw you into the way of an oncoming teacup. Now you're strapped in for the amusement. Ahaha ehehe

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