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'Taiwanese Susan Boyle' duets with William Shatner

Should Divorce Be Illegal?

Comic Con Nerds Protests Westboro Baptist Church Zealots

Guy lets his girlfriend get hit by a foul ball

The hills are alive with compact discs - 65,000 reused CDs

Grand Theft Auto IV - R2D2 mod

Young Turks - Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Protest

Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs (2012 Full documentary)

Thomas Paine - Christopher Hitchens Lecture (Full)

Christopher Hitchens - On NPR discussing Thomas Paine [2007]

The Billion Ant Mega Colony and the Biggest War on Earth

Reporter Goes Full Cardi B

poolcleaner says...

Not gonna lie, not a fan of her career, but those trills she makes are so adorable. I can't not like her, even if she can't fucking drive. How does she not know how to drive?!

RIP Sid Haig - A Tribute

poolcleaner says...

R.I.P. to a horror movie legend...

I'm not really a Rob Zombie fan, but I absolutely love Spider Baby, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, and Monster Squad! Those are solid movies in my book.

I'm surprised to see Beware! The Blob... I didn't know someone made a sequel. Looks terrible but I love the old Blob theme song and Frank Darabont's remake of the Blob is in my top ten 80s horror movie list. Hell, it may be top ten all time horror.

I need to comb through his movie list and watch some b movies soon! I've already seen a lot of those blaxploitation flicks, but I've never seen Coffy. Looks like a fun movie.

Worst Roommate Ever

Boston Dynamics: New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete

poolcleaner says...

Is this the teaser for the Matrix prequel? He's comin' back with a robot posse. Allllll because of a robot dog.

Seriously, never fuck with someone's dog, man. You can kill their wife and MAYBE you'll be forgiven after years of therapy -- but someone's muthafuckin' dog? There's no therapy for that.

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