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WWII Veteran sniper given the chance to shoot a modern rifle

Parahawking in Nepal

Raven Vs. RC Plane

phelixian says...

Seems like a standard mobbing attack. You'll often see ravens and crows doing this to hawks and other birds that enter their nesting territory. The best way I would describe it is an escort flight out of the perimeter of their nesting area. Sometimes however they will gang up and kill other birds(especially owls and hawks) that are in their territory. Though it is mostly a corvid behavior you will also see sparrows and other LBB(little brown birds) do this to larger birds to try to keep them from their eggs and chicks.

The other explanation which doesn't seem to fit is a mating routine which usually involves a male and female raven or crow locking talons and free falling together quite spectacularly towards the ground only to separate at the last minute(or height) and fly to an altitude and do it again to enforce a bond before mating....

Great Video!!!

>> ^ponceleon:

Hmm I don't know enough about ravens/hooded crows to understand the motivation behind the attack? Does the crow think it is another bird, or is he just playing with it the way a cat plays with a toy mouse?

Apple Iphone v4 release demo doesn't work out for Jobs

On top of a 650ft Crane - I bet your Palms gonna be Sweaty

On top of a 650ft Crane - I bet your Palms gonna be Sweaty

Stunning gymnastics performance on Britain's Got Talent

What Would You Do? Racism In An Upscale Store

phelixian says...

What kind of crap is this? It's like candid-camera racist edition. Talk about entrapment, so if you stage a murder or rape and then ask why people didn't intervene or praise them for jumping in is that ok? I don't think so. Go find stores where this is happening, tape them, expose them and demand justice!! Don't create some made of situation and get people worked up over your "experiment". Life is too short. What a pile of absolute contrived crap.....

Slow mo cheerleaders + Johnny cash

Slow mo cheerleaders + Johnny cash

phelixian says...

Same thing I thought... instantly. Little angsty... no? Now is that me projecting or the true intent of the creator? Hmm.

>> ^dag:

Maybe I'm reading too deeply into it, but all that youth and beauty juxtaposed with a song about mortality is saying that these hot girls will also get old and die. It's a laugh riot I tell you.>> ^Raaagh:
>> ^dag:
It's an interesting message- that song paired with the video says a lot.

I dont find anything symbiotic in the message, but the tone of the two floor me, noir style.

Lockheed F35 Lightning II performs first vertical landing.

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) humbles Hudson Institute dilettante

New Entrant in World's Worst Driver Contest

Awesome Bullet Slow Motion Video

Don't mess with cross-dressers!

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