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Trump and Kim - The Movie

oblio70 says...

Had the chance at what exactly, Bob? Why don't you count the number of times DPKR signed previous promises only to break them as Trump excused all their infractions for them by repeating Kim's line of "it was the Wests' fault". Who exactly is he the President of, seriously? He literally apologized for defending our Allies, "like a Bitch", to use his own phrase. He excused the regime and the individual of truly horrific crimes by saying "it's tough" to lead a country (giving himself ideas to run with).

I fail to see how even you, Bob, could be optimistic about the so-called "Summit".

Besides a Photo Op, this was just another opportunity for our President to do more under-the-table deals, because only the deeply corrupt play that game. Mr Real Estate just gushed about the incredible beachfront condo opportunities just waiting...for him to get at.

bobknight33 said:

All presidents had the chance yet Trump took it.

Hope something positive occurs.. The people of NK have been devastated last 60 years.

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oblio70 says...

If Musk was a country, I'd move there...they get amazing stuff done...amazingly. Kind of like how the so-called "Greatest Generation" did but with the whole Country backing them. "We do this because it is hard".

Where is that Country now? Eating it's young...
Crippling NASA decades ago (whom are still heroic), bleeding our infrastructure out, and feeding the overly-wealthy again and again and again.

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Poke at it with a broomstick...



oblio70 says...

LA rain is deeply polluted, agreed? Whereas, they source their water form up North at the Hetch Hetchy (near Silicon Valley) he DOES carefully manicure/pamper his little plot of grass. freak!

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oblio70 says...

Defeated people seldom remain "in their place". I think this is true on a macro-scale as well as individually. "Occupation" is usually the remedy, as either the victor moves in & sets up shop, or you get Johnny to "get a job". The later invites screams of "police state" which has always been a dog whistle to most Americans.

I think the solution initially would have been very ugly and still be dealt with. You just cannot make people change the way they least not yet.

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oblio70 says...

"Do you want Smugness? Because THAT'S how you get Smugness!" Is all I want to repeat post-shooting / post-"let's not politicize" messaging.

The leftists here have become co-dependantly passive/aggressive.

Not the slinky i remember

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