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Rafting in Russia

Hekkin Bees Don't Taste Good!

Copter Pack

Buddhism is Kinda Out There, Man

Late For Work - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Viral How Much Did Your Divorce Cost

oblio70 says...

So much failure at being a human being re-framed as “it’s your fault I suck”.

Thinking marriage is supposed to be a zero-sum game exposes your flawed intellect by defining it in terms of $, status, self-satisfaction...

No surprise you don’t “get it”.

I vent because I just became widowed 1 month ago and I was not even close to prepared to be ripped apart. If you expect to be whole as an individual in marriage, then you deserve to be thoroughly stomped by your former partner. Keep on whining!

Penguin escapes a pod of killer whales by leaping into ...

oblio70 says...

I swear this feels like my life for the last 16 years. And, yes, to this day I feel lucky to be still alive. Sorry to wax personal there; life has been hell.

Newly widowed.

Let's talk about Trump's accomplishments...

oblio70 says...

I’ve said this before: if it walks like a duck, quacks & shits all over the place like a duck, well....fuck.

It's a Critter Christmas

I can't walk past this snake...

Time Warp 2020

Then (1984) and Now (2017)

oblio70 says...

9 out of 10 are pulled back into a life they shared 33 years ago...Kudoos to whomever managed that feat!

33 years can take a life very far away (in many ways), that making it back might mean a lot of bridge-recrossing. That’s why this seems amazing (so it must have existed on an island).

BLACKSTAR Cartoon Intro (1981)

The Most Popular Programming Languages - 1965/2020


oblio70 says...

“Look! A squirrel” never fails, does it?

Note: while in high school, it was a moose, and worked equally as well. Says something about the 80‘s I guess.

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