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Call Me A**hole One More Time

The Moon is a Door to Forever

That's crazy talk

Wait for it

Rodenator :30 Spot 2009

Speaker Pelosi Announcement on Impeachment

oblio70 says...

“Limit the scope to the Ukrainian call”??? she limiting the Muller investigation to the Tower meeting, and only looking at one claim and limiting witnesses for Kavanaugh’s hearing worked so well.

She is deliberately trying to “resist”, as she has continually assisted TinyTot-in-chief. When Clinton was brought up for impeachment, it was on a false accusation over “Whitewater”, but landed on his lying about the sexual assault he perpetrated.

Living The Dream

Expo 86 - Something's Happening Here VHS (1986)

Cockatoo vs bird deterrent spikes

Inside the traumatic life of a Facebook mod(erator).

Chernobyl. Cleaning the roofs. Soldiers (reservists). 1986.

oblio70 says...

Why, o why do they keep walking over the severely radioactive debris to toss the shovelfuls over? Just one slip...

There must be a reason they do not start at the edge and work their wayback, but I don’t see it. I just keep hearing variations on “ In Russia, ...” phrases.

Anthropocene: The Human Epoch (Trailer)

A Den of Rattlesnakes || ViralHog

A Den of Rattlesnakes || ViralHog

oblio70 says...

Just love the evolution of “poke it with a stick!!!”

Base mammalian needs enhanced by technology: put a camera on it first! Such fun!

The Engineering of Droplets

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