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John Oliver - Parkland School Shooting

notarobot says...

I visited a sports store during my last visit to the states. Their rifle section was about 15-feet from their basketballs. Weapons that can be used to kill a deer, or a child dear to you, are just a few feet away from section that sells jump-rope and sports socks with bunnies.

As long as firearms are normalized by being sold in the same store and non-bullet sports, I don't see things changing.

Of course, this is just my view as an outsider who can't escape American media.

Surveillance Balls Are Rolling Out

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Luxury Bentley Smashes into Pensioner's Car

notarobot jokingly says...

It's a bit of a cliche that many luxury cars don't have turn signals. Like at all.

It's also a bit of a cliche that some luxury car drivers will believe that they can escape consequences because the rules don't apply to them. They should try not to leave a trail of blood I guess.

That Bently probably would have been in better shape if the traffic island thing was behind the wheel. Maybe it is now?

oritteropo said:

I think few drivers would have the presence of mind to use their blinkers correctly while careening out of control after drunkenly hitting the wall.

I also don't think the traffic island played much part in the accident, if it hadn't been there it would've just moved the accident forward 5 metres.

Luxury Bentley Smashes into Pensioner's Car

notarobot jokingly says...

I suppose that only works on the kinds of people who believe in using their blinker and following rules in the first place...

"The driver of the Bentley, Richard Plum, 46, fled on foot but was traced by the blood left on the airbag of his car."


oritteropo said:

Traffic calming.

How Star Wars The Last Jedi Should Have Ended

notarobot says...

Rogue One was a different.... flavour... of trainwreck, with different problems. But yeah. It was pretty weak.

I'm not going to get into a fight about which flavour of trainwreck is the worst. R1 and TLJ both had a couple of cool scenes, but were both pretty terrible movies.

ChaosEngine said:

Still better than the trainwreck that was Rogue One though.

Read list of corporate donors, get ejected from the chamber

How Star Wars The Last Jedi Should Have Ended

notarobot says...

I think you misunderstand my opinion of TLJ here.

Had this video been used to build a script for TLJ, it would have been better than TLJ because ANYTHING would have been better.

As evidence, we can compare TLJ to a two-hour video of a garbage fire, and indeed, the garbage fire would have had better writing.

The movie was terrible.

If they were going to have vaudevillian humour in the opening scenes with Poe prank-calling Hux---while dozens of star destroyers with hundreds (thousands?) of fighters sit there idle----they may as well have gone full 'Snakes on a Plane' B-movie fan service and let Ackbar do the same thing with an "it's a trap" gag. But that wouldn't do, because that would involve some kind of consistency. And one thing I can't stand is scripts and characters in stories that contradict their own being.

e.g. Luke "I see good in the most evil villain of movie history" Skywalker considering killing his own nephew, because maybe he's too far gone. Darth Vader wasn't too far gone, but somehow the son of Leia and Han was? See how that kinda goes against Luke's character? There are a million ways they could have written the fall of Ben Solo into the dark side that didn't involve violating the essence of existing characters.

A garbage fire wouldn't have done that. A garbage fire would have known better.

TLJ was terrible movie that just happened to have the massive budget for some cool special-effects scenes and some A-list actors wasted on an awful script with a thin, scattered plot.

Now maybe TLJ is your favourite movie, and if so, whatevs. We just have different taste I guess. I'm not going to get into a flame war over a garbage-fire.

ChaosEngine said:

No, it wouldn’t. That’s the joke here. It’s pointing out how cliched and boring that would have been.

Don’t get me wrong, TLJ had its problems, but the obvious fan boy criticisms (Holdo, Luke, etc) are not the right ones.

Granted, this is all subjective.

How Star Wars The Last Jedi Should Have Ended

notarobot says...

This would have been a hell of a lot better than the trainwreck that was the theatrical release of TLJ.

ChaosEngine said:

The hilarious thing is that there are people out there who actually think this is how the movie should have gone.

...With A Little Help From My Friend

The Halifax Explosion - Sixty Symbols

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