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notarobot says...

Looks like they saw Psy's Gangnum style and Die Antwoord and figured they could mix them together and pour vodka on it.

It also follows the pattern perfectly...

hula hoop of 5.2 meters diameter

UpTown Spot

What if I want to have sex before I am married?

Hypersonic Missile Nonproliferation

notarobot jokingly says...
Mordhaus said:

"To date, he says, the US has conducted tests on this type of missile system but to his knowledge none have been successful, flying for just a few seconds. "

Basically, Putin made a laughable claim that Russia already has a mach 10 missile, so China and the USA jumped down the rabbit hole.

Kind of like when Reagan started up the SDI star wars BS. Which some people believe led to the USSR dramatically boosting their defense spending, nigh bankrupting themselves and breaking up as a country.

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