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Lawyer trying to defend man who took Speaker's lectern

Pilot Threatens To Land Flight Of Trump Supporters In Kansas

Trump Defends Sedition Speech, Support for Impeachment Grows

noseeem jokingly says...

Obama knew he didn't earn it...
while fat donnie couldn't spell 'nobel' correctly nor recognize what it even looked like...

Has to be a boon to Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormon door-to-door sales crews (or will be sans COVID someday). They seem so normal in comparison to the GOP cultists. And WAY less scarier.

newtboy said:

Novel prize? For his ghost written books?

Really, how’s that peace deal with the Palestinians working out? Iran? Yemen? Afghanistan? Hardly a Mid East peace deal without them.
He “made” deals that had already been made between the parties involved....meaning he just took credit for other people’s work as usual, and the deals made are meaningless. More trade agreements than peace deals by nations that weren’t hostile to begin with.
The Nobel committee evaluated his “work” and found it much less of an achievement than getting elected president as a black man.

Why do you care? He’s happy to lie about it and claim he’s received multiple peace prizes from no mind to the fact that he used the science medal in his tweet where he made the claim, you don’t care. Donny said he won, so he won, right? Sounds familiar.


Trump Defends Sedition Speech, Support for Impeachment Grows

It's a Critter Christmas

Brian Williams Mocks Fox & Friends Realization ..Masks Work

noseeem jokingly says...

why bother w/bogus bob?

if the truth was a woman, b.k. would be a blind gay priest.

couldn't see truth; wouldn't want truth; and getting next to truth would be against his principles.

Trump's Star Witness Is A Drunk Karen

noseeem jokingly says...

all these witnesses and no video, audio - nothing to prove their allegations.

at least w/bigfoot there are fuzzy photos, plaster foot castings, or audio of something pounding on a tree.

although the MI loon fest is far creepier than dale's tale of a skunk-ape rocking his trailer.

...maybe it's the singing frog phenomena of old

Bridge collapses live on TV

German Governments Commercial Regarding Covid-19

noseeem jokingly says...

@ home; an American patriot sacrificing for his country
6' away; a praiseworthy paragon of public safety
w/mask; defending lives at whatever cost

barefaced bellyaching about 'freedom'; everything opposite of above

all those non-maskers of 1918 aren't thought of so highly - why would anyone today be any different?

Trump & Election Results: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

noseeem jokingly says...

The official flower of the President-reject's administration: a pansy.

A yellow pansy.

Never accepted the last election? No. Never believed that the moron was acceptable. They knew he was president, but not a competent president. One can acknowledge a person's placement but not have to believe they deserve it.

If this is otherwise, then Fox News is going to have to be very, very, silent for the next four years. That's happening?

It was Mitch et al that never accepted that DJ was an abomination.

Just like W and the GOP's, "Why do you hate America?" when anyone called them out on their buggery.

Get hemmed in on an issue? Losing the debate? Being embarrassed by a logical penetrating question? Then go to the new standard deflection, "...never accepted the election".

Pansies. Yellow pansies.

So, yeah, the Dems can rightfully lecture DJ and the GOP on recognizing and ACCEPTING Americans' choice of a new president. Moscow Mitch will dutifully be quiet and kind, right?

2016 vs 2020 'Acceptance Rates'

& this is better than Wiggy and his stooges

Paula White Leading Prayer Service For Trump's reelection

Paula White Leading Prayer Service For Trump's reelection

Hitler learns he can't stop vote counting

noseeem says...

The election is over.

But our problems aren't.

Did the infrastructure get better? Did healthcare become affordable and available to all? Did the school system lurch forward at every possible chance? Did COVID just disappear?

That's ALL OURS.

Tired of losing DECADES of advancement because of wishes, hopes, and dedication to a Lord Savior of American when we only have Joe and Mitch to get anything done.

Suck it up buttercup. Don is done. Let's work to see no one like him ever comes again. If we become great, guys like him will be your waiter.

Nigel Tufnel on the origins of Stonehenge

You’re Late For Work

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