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Sleeping Rabbit has Accident

Pregnancy Discrimination | August 8 Act 2 | Full Frontal

Major cleavage on French Wheel of Fortune

Space Force, Fighting Fear, Shunning Trump | Overtime with B

New Rule: I, Q | Real Time with Bill Maher

"It's Raining Again" by Supertramp

nanrod says...

They also recorded part of "Crisis, What Crisis" in LA which is also the tour I first saw them on in '77. Best concert I ever attended, what I can remember of it.

ulysses1904 said:

All British except for the drummer. But they recorded "Even in The Quietest Moments" in Colorado and "Breakfast In America" in Los Angeles so they bloody well stopped being British in the mid-70s.

Kid vs Fence

Ant Stealing Diamond

The Spy Who Loved the NRA

Vox: How reliable is fingerprint analysis?

nanrod jokingly says...

It's easy to verify your fingerprint ID. You just also match the suspects DNA to touch DNA in the fingerprint oils. we can do it, I saw it on CSI.

Pregnancy Discrimination | August 8 Act 2 | Full Frontal

Trump's Earliest Congressional Backer Indicted A Closer Look

Jilly Juice regrows limbs and reverses homosexuality

nanrod says...

I don't think I heard a single thing that indicates that this woman has any idea of how the human body works.


nanrod says...

True, assuming it's parent recording the video. If it's an aunt or uncle or neighbor who's been railroaded into babysitting, all bets are off.

lucky760 said:

Fucking great parenting right there.

I know plenty of parents are okay with the "Go fuck yourself" approach to parenting (a.k.a. "hey kid, go live your own life; figure it out on your own, even if you're fucking 3"), but it disgusts me. I'd never ignore my sons (let alone watch and record to share with the world) as they assault one another.

Sorry, Mordhaus, but a spiritual -1 vote from me, but for the parent, not you.

Love, Gilda - Official Trailer

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