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Stephen Fry Ejaculates on QI

Stephen Fry Ejaculates on QI

Stephen Fry Ejaculates on QI

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Austin gets lit

nanrod says...

Because that's what lightning usually does. Actually it goes both ways. A weaker charge goes cloud to ground and ionizes a pathway for a much larger charge to go up. Both the up and down stroke happen so fast your eyes usually perceive only the brighter upstroke. This video has been slowed down.

shinyblurry said:

Why did the lightning go away from the ground instead of towards it?

Turning too fast

nanrod says...

It probably wasn't crushed but suffered a power interuption causing it to go to flashing yellow but then rebooted and returned to normal operation.

newtboy said:

I think the load crushed the grey control box (next to the telephone pole), so they went to the default flashers like most are designed to do in a malfunction.
I'm more curious how they went back to green.

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