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Natalia shows off her Muff

Kilauea's Fissure 8 Eruption - Lava Flow in Leilani Estates

nanrod says...

I'm sure that there are factors like foreshortening and perspective coming into play here, but it sure looks like one little glitch in the flow and it could be on top of them.

SentrySafe Opened With a Coat Hanger - LPL

nanrod says...

No kidding. Never has the phrase "you had one job" been so sadly appropriate.

lucky760 said:

Unbelievable when the one thing a company is supposed to be expert in is so massively lacking.

Butthole/Anus/Perenium Sunning

The War Against Mutilation

Touch your nose with tongue.

nanrod says...

Physically touching her nose with my tongue is the easy part. Not getting arrested or beaten to death is the hard part.

BSR said:

You can touch her nose with your tongue!?

Trump's Racist Attacks on Democratic Congresswomen

nanrod says...

It's funny but AOC was born in the US and both her parents were born US citizens. The only member of Trump's family that can say the same is Tiffany.

720 Ton Dragline Excavator Rescue From Island

Touch your nose with tongue.

Duke Boys On Vacation Late For The Ferry

Lunar Module Snoopy and the Floating Turd

MIDWAY Trailer (2019) -- A WWII Movie

nanrod says...

I'm interested in a new take on the Battle of Midway but this trailer doesn't inspire me. It has the same feel as "Pearl Harbor".

Jim Says Christian Leaders Will Be Murdered If Trump Loses

nanrod says...

So Christian leaders will be murdered after Trump loses? Wouldn't that be like taking antibiotics after you've recovered from an infection?

Let me help you answer that question again

Multi-Level Marketing Scams | 6-12-2019 Act 2 | Full Frontal

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