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15 Amazing Shortcuts You Aren't Using

Oh Canada

Full Frontal - The Green New Deal

Yesterday Trailer #1 (2019)

Basically every car in the North after winter

So you think you can get away?

VaevTissue - "Train Your Immune System" With Used Tissues

nanrod says...

Print up some fancy boxes and stuff them full of crumpled up tissues and sell them for $80 a pop. what a great idea.

Happy Towers is Collapsing

Twins take 5 DNA Ancestry tests and get 'mystifying' results

nanrod says...

I have to say that as a Canadian I was disappointed in this program. I don't think they raised the right points or asked the right questions. I do think these services hype themselves to much and maybe many people go into this with exaggerated expectations of what they can do for you. I did both 23andMe and Ancestry and to me the strength lies in identifying possible relatives. Fortunately for me, the first person on my relative list is my daughter who apparently shares exactly 50.0% of my DNA.

eric3579 said:

The question is, should this be in the *debunked channel? Sure does seem like a bit of a scam.

This Is Your Brain On Stale Air

Name an animal

The Great Canadian Dildo

In Defense of Columbus: An Exaggerated Evil

Georg Gärtner, the last German POW in America.

Prosecutors Say Donald Trump Committed a Crime

nanrod says...

You're absolutely right and given the number of assignments I marked as a TA I am currently hanging my head in shame and embarrassment. At least I didn't say mode.

newtboy said:

Nice try, but that demonstrates Twain had a lack of mathematical knowledge, not intelligence.

Also...I believe you mean 50% falls below the median....mean and average are synonyms. For some reason the phrase "people who live in glass houses" keeps running through my head now....I can't explain why. ;-)

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