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This Is Your Brain On Stale Air

Name an animal

The Great Canadian Dildo

In Defense of Columbus: An Exaggerated Evil

Georg Gärtner, the last German POW in America.

Prosecutors Say Donald Trump Committed a Crime

nanrod says...

You're absolutely right and given the number of assignments I marked as a TA I am currently hanging my head in shame and embarrassment. At least I didn't say mode.

newtboy said:

Nice try, but that demonstrates Twain had a lack of mathematical knowledge, not intelligence.

Also...I believe you mean 50% falls below the median....mean and average are synonyms. For some reason the phrase "people who live in glass houses" keeps running through my head now....I can't explain why. ;-)

The Artificial Intelligence That Deleted A Century

Prosecutors Say Donald Trump Committed a Crime

nanrod jokingly says...

When I hear this quote I like to respond that actually 50% of the population falls below the mean not the average and if you don't know the difference then we know which side of the curve you are on.

newtboy said:

Not that it answers your question, but you reminded me of a good quote to remember.
“Consider the average intelligence of the common man, then realize 50% are even stupider.” S. Clemens

The Texas Vampires

Why Louisiana Stays Poor

Meet Knickers, the 1,400kg cow from Australia

nanrod says...

Since this came out I've seen two news items about bigger cows or steers. Apparently this is actually a normal size for an animal that's allowed to live its normal lifespan.

Criminals, Judges, Prisons, and Laws: Sexual Assault In USA

Robbery Stopped With Swords

Why Immigrants Should Be Celebrated, Not Feared...

Not the first time I heard that

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